Top 10 Hip Hop Fashion Brands

At times, hip hop ceases to be just a fashion trend – it has become a lifestyle. If you’re the avid hip hop music and fashion fan who is looking for something cool to wear, here are the top 10 choices for the hip hop clothes you may want to wear:

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10. Cross Colours

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This hip hop brand is highly recommended for those who are looking to sport the casual look. Established by Carl Jones in 1989, the main intention of the Cross Colours clothing brand was to sell to the colored youth market. And so his famous slogan, “Clothes without prejudices”, was born. Not long after, this clothing brand became even more popular when it comes to broadcasting social and political messages.

9. Sean John

Sean John

Almost a hip hop signature brand, Sean John is a fashion lifestyle company is created music artist Sean Combs. And since it has a celebrity for an owner, it is not surprising how the brand managed to get the nods of famous artists like Nelly, Mariah Carey, and Pharrell Williams, to name a few, to be its endorsers. Needless to say, this brand is for the hip hop fashion followers who want that sophisticated Hollywood look.

8. Reebok


When you love hip hop and sports at the same time, then you’ll like wearing a Reebok. This brand which mostly serves athletes, has ventured into the athletic jerseys. Incidentally, jersey became very popular among hip hop groups. And it is not because they want to play basketball after the gig – they just kind of love the sporty look.

7. Stussy


When your preference is hip hop street wear fashion, then this brand is the one that will suit your needs best. Established in 1980, it started off as the favorite skater and surf wear brand, until it has been widely adopted as the official street wear of many hip hop fashion followers. Currently, Stussy has successful retailers in Europe, United States, Australia and Asia.

6. Girbaud


You may not associate Girbaud directly as a hip hop brand. But they’re quite popular among the group’s followers because of their jeans. This French clothing company was founded by Francois Marithe Girbaud. It started with five stores in Paris before expanding to the different parts of the world. So if you love hip hop and you want jeans, shop at Girbaud. You’ll love their unconventional styles.

5. Alpha Industries

Alpha Industries

Hip hop fashion also adores the military look. Alpha Industries is an American clothing company established in 1959 in Knoxville, Tennessee. Their first market was the US army. But sooner, they became a military-style fashion apparel outlet. And not long after, hip hop fashion fans has associated themselves with the pilot jackets, camouflage look, and military vests.

4. Timberland


Hip hop fashion is big on the great outdoors and Timberland is all about the great outdoors. That is why they are a perfect match for each other. Timberland, a company founded in Abington, Massachusetts, sells rugged boots and outerwear. They also are the most popular work boots brand in the US. But you can expect that their boots won’t just appeal to laborers and construction workers. You’ll find many hip hop followers wearing them as well.

3. Gucci


Believe it or not, hip hop artists love Gucci. When it comes to those sleek red carpet look, they trust want no other clothes to wear but the one made by this brand. If you’re a hip hop fashion fan who is more into designer brands, you might be surprised with what Gucci can give you. Now you know what those hip hop billionaires are wearing.

2. Abercrombie & Fitch


This American fashion retailer that sells casual wear for the youth is a very popular hip hop brand as well. This fashion brand is popular in New York, mainly in Bronx where there is a high concentration of hip hop groups. However, it’s important to make it clear that this company is established in New Albany, Ohio and not in Manhattan.

1. Polo Ralph Lauren


If you want a more polished hip hop look, go for Polo Ralph Lauren. Because of this brand, high life luxury fashion has just become more accessible. From simply selling men’s ties, Polo Ralph Lauren ventured into men’s apparel and hit it big. Their clothing pieces that are most popular among the hip hop groups are the oversized jackets and shirts.

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