Top 10 Least Visited Countries in the world

Are you thinking of going on a vacation this summer? Spain, France or the United Kingdom? Or maybe somewhere more exotic, with the likes of Sri Lanka or Morocco? You might as well like to go on a unique trip that no one has wanted to take before. While almost millions of people ponder about the best holiday destinations, it might as well be a great thought of sparing time to see some nations where the arrival of tourists is a newsworthy mention. With the globalization of the modern day world, some countries have remained the same with regards to the tourism industry, either for the reasons of war, isolation, or lack of adventurous places, that has almost taken them off the tourism globe.

It might as well be a matter of pride for some great travellers to go to these amazing places that do not have any glossy guidebooks or lodges, hotels and motels specially made to welcome them. Take off tourist hubs and bunch of resorts from your mind, you’ll absolutely feel like you are moving to a completely strange world but with the same species as yours. Here is the list of the top 10 least visited countries in the world.

10. Afghanistan

afghanistan least visited country

With over 17,500 tourist each year, Afghanistan holds incredible scenery from the lowlands of deserts to snow-capped mountains. Afghanistan also keeps record in one of the world’s oldest cultures with ancient Buddhist monuments and different Islamic holy sites that includes the Minaret of Jam of the 12 century enlisted as UNESCO World Heritage Site. The traditional Blue Burqa is the best thing to try for women. Terrors, war issues and several crimes with Taliban message for foreign tourists-“BIG MISTAKE” is the main reason for tourism-deflating instability in Afghanistan. Wild and beautiful places in the mountains and deserts have been a hiding place for terrorists and bandits. Therefore, always be prepared for any incident and always get a return visa in advance if you are thinking of visiting this place.

9. Comoros

least visited country comoros

Located in between great luxury holiday destinations Mauritius and Seychelles, tourism industry at Comoros is lacking behind because of strict Islamic traditions. With over 15,000 tourists every year, the country has adequate natural resources with beautiful beaches and marines. The over fondness for militaries and insecure political upheavals over the past few decades is deterring the tourism industry of Comoros. Also, malaria is heavily prevalent and even bed nets are kept in luxury hotel rooms. Only a few airlines fly to Comoros and there are almost no public transport. However, seafood, beautiful coast line and friendly people are worth noting while making a visit to Comoros. If alcoholic drinks and bikinis were allowed, there’d be a great potential for honeymooners to enjoy their holidays here.

8. São Tomé and Príncipe

Sao Tome and Principe least visited country

Who would not love to see secluded waterfalls, coral reefs and spectacular volcanoes with great diversity in wildlife at the same place? Sao Tome and Principe offers huge potential in wildlife trekking, fishing and diving for over 12,000 tourists each year. People do not come to this country because many have not heard of it. It has direct flights from Lisbon and does not have any problems as that of most African countries do. Its remoteness guarantees peace and its beaches and mountains are great places for photo shoots. This two-island nation is considered to be one of the smallest countries on the world as well.

7. Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan least visited country

This might be one of the craziest countries with months named after a dictator’s mum and great absurd golden statues. With over 7,000 tourists each year, Turkmenistan is also not famous by its name and has a very difficult visa process. Independent travel is a big no-no as most of the things seem designed to frustrate people. Black sand deserts and beautiful colored canyons provide great adventure here. The underground lave Kovata, the crater called “The Gates of Hell” in Darvaza, the ruins of Merv, Dekhistan and Kunyaurgench along with the dinosaur plateau in Koytendag are places worth visit. Night camps, vodka and food are main attraction in Turkmenistan and one need not worry about safety; police officers handle it all.

6. Equatorial Guinea

Equatorial Guinea least visited country in the world

This country welcomes around 6,000 tourists every year and confuses most of them with police or people pretending to be police. Its tourism industry is least developed as it remained many years in international isolation. A tourist visa is a bureaucracy hell in this country if you are not an American. It has very few hotels only in main cities of Bata and Malabo. Tropical rain forests, beaches and Spanish colonial architecture are the center of attraction here. This only Spanish speaking country in Africa gives bragging rights to its people.

5. Marshall Islands

Marshall Islands least visited country

It is really difficult to find this country on the globe. Around 5,000 people come to this country annually to enjoy diving and see plenty of corals. This might be one of the safest country in the world with no crimes at all and one can sleep in the crystal clear beach all night. Monopoly in air flights and expensive hotels are the main reason for very few tourists here. Marshall Island was also an atomic testing for the United States which caused deterioration of attractive sites and isolation from the international community making it rank on the list of the least visited countries.

4. Kiribati

Kiribati least visited country

If one does not like a place with no water and only sands like in Turkmenistan, Kiribati might be a perfect holiday destination. Around 4,700 tourist come annually to enjoy fishing, snorkeling, diving and water sports here. It is one of the most densely populated and highly poverty stricken places on the world that hiders the development of tourism industry. Air flights are also a major problem of this place. Sandy beaches of Christmas Island is the center of attraction here. We still can find the remnants of some hardest fought world war battles here at Kiribati. Amazing sightseeing and coconut drinks are worth a mention.

3. Tuvalu

Tuvalu least visited country

This country is similar to Kiribati with regards to air routes. Around 1,200 tourists make their way to this place through boats or flights from Fiji. It is one of the least populous state after Vatican City and Nauru. It is just a flat stereotypical Island in the pacific with just palm trees and beaches. Rise of sea levels is the main danger here and the government is seeking to buy lands elsewhere so as to settle their people. It is one of the most remote countries in the world but enjoys money with its top internet domain .tv and has its country code +688 which is regarded as a lucky number by most of the people. Funafuti has some basic infrastructures for tourist stay and this place is very expensive for a long stay.

2. Somalia

somalia least visited country

With just around 500 tourists in a year, Somalia makes itself one of the most violent, dangerous, corrupt and deadly country in the world with its sharia law, lack of government for years in the past and Muslim extremists. The better part of thinking to make a visit here is that the government is functioning now and Turkish airlines make a flight twice in a week from Istanbul. Mogadishu and Bakaara are the only places worth making a visit just to see some beaches and local businesses and enjoy a nightlife. There are very few hotels and almost none are safe to stay.

1. Nauru

Nauru least visited country in the world

This is the smallest republic country in the world without a capital and is located in the Pacific. It sees only around 200 tourists per year who just come to see some coral reefs around the island and a large phosphate mine. This country does not have much embassies and everyone needs a visa to get in. It is thriving with unemployment and poverty problems and there is almost no night life here. There are only two hotels in this country and an internet cafe right beside the police station. Fishing, diving and walking around the shore of the island takes half a day. This place also runs a Nauru Detention Center which is heavily criticized by the Amnesty International for keeping hold of refugees from Myanmar.

Final Conclusion:  The world is surely a better place to live in. However, one always needs to take precautions while making a visit to these countries. Making an adventure with family or friends to these least visited place can be a great pass time different from what most of people think about holidays. These countries do offer incredible beaches, mountains and beautiful people for any crawling tourists. Whatever be the reasons for your travel, you might think to break out in any of this countries and have a great adventure throughout.