Top 10 Natural Medicines for Cancer

The human population has been suffering from cancer for centuries. It has been a battle that science and medicine is fighting against for the longest time. In 2011 alone, 331,487 people were diagnosed with cancer in the United Kingdom. Over 50% of these are known to be breast, prostrate, lung and colon cancer.

There is various synthetic medicines that promises to prevent and treat cancer. But a lot of people underestimate the natural healing power of Mother Nature. There are many natural remedies that are known to ward off cancer before it starts and can be considered as natural medicines to treat the dreaded disease.

10. Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds are very rich in Vitamin E and Zinc. It also has a heap of Vitamin C that wards off a lot of many potential diseases and shortens healing time. It is has been known to be very good to keep prostrate healthy. Recommended dosage is about 15 to 25 milligrams of Sunflower seeds a day. You can also try sunflower seed butter, which works like a peanut butter, only healthier. This is great nut butter without any added sugar, salt, or oils. Sunflower seed is also a good sources essential fatty acids, protein, calcium and iron. It also has a good amount of Selenium, which is known in helping fight cancer in the body.

9. Garlic


Aside from a staple ingredient in sautéed dishes, garlic is a good natural medicine for people with cancer, according to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. In a study made in Japan, there is a signification size reduction of colon polyps on patients who take garlic extract after a year. There is also a lower rate of cancer formation as predicted by doctors who attended to these patients.

Aside from cancer, it can also prevent cardiovascular problems and lowers down high blood pressure. It is recommended to take 5 cloves of garlic a day or take garlic extract supplements.

8. Holy Basil


Basil is a known herb that can combat stress. It is often sprinkled in Italian delicacies like pasta and pizza. It helps increase adrenaline and lower down serotonin. In a recent study, it is shown properties that can help inhibit breast cancer. It shrunk tumors, lower down the blood supply of cancer cells and stops its formation. This is according to an animal study done by Pratima Nangia-Makker, PhD of Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute. He is also suggesting that further human research is needed to further explore the effectiveness of Holy Basil in fighting of this disease.

7. Broccoli


Green leafy veggies are always good for the body. Broccoli is very rich in fiber that help flush out unwanted toxins out of the body. It also has galactose which helps in reducing intestinal problems by acting as a bind to damaging agents in the stomach area. It helps in beating breast, brain, colorectal and prostate cancer because of an ingredient called indoles. This component, like indole3carbinol combined with metabolite DIM can help modify and lower down estrogen activities that can change cellular estrogen receptor site, which is integral in fighting off cancer cells. It also helps detoxify liver and reduce cancer of the stomach. Broccolis can be added to everyday dishes like salads, omelets, pastas and pizzas.

6. Carrots


Carrots contain cancer caroteneids that help prevent the formation of cancerous cells. Its main component is the beta carotene which then converts to Vitamin as needed. A glass of carrot juice in the morning or as a mid-afternoon snack is a refreshing and very healthy drink.

5. Ginger


Ginger is the go-to herb for upset stomach and motion sickness. But did you know that it can also be a good aide during chemotherapy? It can lower down blood pressure and arthritis. It can also help prevent cancer. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, it can kill cancer cells in the ovary. This is according to a study done by the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center. Their initial studies states that ginger have therapeutic properties to patients suffering from ovarian cancer.

4. Rosemary


Carcinogens are often found in meats that are cooked in high temperature (fry, broil, grill, etc.). Rosemary extract when mixed with beef during food preparation can reduce its heterocyclic amines or HCAs. Rosemary prevents carcinogens from binding with DNA and thus stops tumor formation.

In an animal study conducted by the University of Illinois, rosemary extracts has effectively decreased DNA damage and tumor formation. Because of this study, researchers want to do similar tests to actual cancer patients. Overall, Rosemary has indeed shown some good properties that can potentially make it a good component in the prevention of cancer.

3. Fish oil

Fish Oil

The marine waters oily fishes that contains high omega 3 components, which is a good ingredient in fighting cancer. It is an anti-inflammatory and lowers down COX-2. It cuts down eicosanoids and prevents inflammation and irritation. It helps in lengthening telomeres which promotes the longevity of the body cell’s DNA structure when exposed with cancer.

Oily fish also contain Vitamin A, which is also a cancer-fighting component. Some of the types of fish with good oils are herring, salmon and mackerel. These are also known to lower down the risk of colon, breast and prostate cancer.

2. Turmeric


Turmeric is a good anti-inflammatory remedy and somehow works as a cox-2 inhibitor. It is said to prevent Alzheimer’s disease and colon cancer. According to a study by John Hopkins University, turmeric combined with quercetin, can shrink precancerous lesions or colon polyps. Quercitiin is an antioxidant found in cabbage, onions and apples.

1. Tomatoes


Tomatoes and tomato-based meals can help reduce prostate symptoms up to 40%. Because of its natural lycopene, it can also help prevent cancer such as colon, breast, lung and cervix cancer. It is a very powerful anti-oxidant and can cut down unwanted fat levels in the body’s blood stream. A daily dose of 25-40 mgs of Lycopene is recommended. This is equivalent to about 7-10 helpings of cooked tomatoes per week. Tomato soup has 65 milligrams of  lycopene and far superior from other fruits that also contain lycopene such as peppers, peaches, carrots and strawberries.

Mother Nature has a way of healing diseases, naturally. Although these are recommended natural medicines for cancer, it is always important to consult your doctor for proper diagnosis and prescription. Alert your doctor if you are going to try any of these natural medicines to make sure that you are properly monitored for your health and safety.

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