Top 10 Scientific Proofs of Alien Attacks on Earth

Are we humans the only intelligent minds in the universe? Several believers and skeptics have been combating each other on this question and the lack of any possible evidence has always been a hurdle in making a conclusion. Some people believe that alien’s existed and have visited the earth throughout the history. Several UFO sightings and abduction stories have been very popular that dismiss them to be just hoaxes.

But are there really such life out of Earth? How do they even look? Are they dangerous? We just don’t have the complete answer. Several stories, videos and articles have been published on the existence of aliens since a long time and these extra-terrestrial creatures are even in Bible. So, let us look at the top 10 scientific proofs of alien attacks earth.

10. Presence of Microbes in Meteorites


Richard Hoover, a NASA scientist claimed on March 4,2011 about finding fossils of cyanobacteria in carbonaceous meteorites from the outer space. He published a paper which concluded that the meteorites was scanned with electron microscope which showed the structures of algae like tiny single-celled organisms which were assumed to be much more different than that found on the earth. It was also suggested that it might have been sent as a proof to support the existence of aliens in the outer space.

9. The Apollo 11 incidentapollo 11


Astronauts who traveled on board in the Apollo 11 asked NASA about the location of the S-4B (The position of rocket in space), though it had been detached two days earlier. It was because the astronauts noticed that they were being followed by something in the space to which Buzz Aldrin reported the incident. There were also reports that the astronauts were chased by aliens when they landed on moon.

8. The ‘Buffy’

the buffy

It was in 2004 when Astronomers found an unusual object in the outer space to which they named ‘buffy’ in the local terms and the 2004 XR190 as its scientific name. The object had a very odd orbit of 47 degrees around its elliptical plane, but it revolved in a circular path and was tilted. It was regarded as the sentinel object that was created by the aliens in the outer space to study the locomotive of earth’s behavior.

7. The Enigmalith


It was in 1998 when a hiker named John Williams found a strange stone that had an electrical component like a plug attached to it. It was later found that the component was not embedded in the stone by any artificial means and the rock was assumed to have been built around the component. However, the stone was found to be around 100,000 years old, when there were no existence of any plug like components which gives strong evidence that it probably should have been created by something extra-terrestrial.

6. The UFO tooth wheel

UFO tooth-wheel

A strange machinery piece was found by a Russian which resembled like a piece of tooth wheel and was embedded in a coal piece that he used to light fire. When it was checked by scientists, it revealed that the material was purely made of aluminum and was made artificially. But it dated back 300 million years old which came to be a surprise as the first such piece was made by humans only in 1825. It is suggested that it must have been a part of alien spaceship that invaded earth long ago.

5. The Mysterious signals in the SETI project

SETI project

The search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI) project started in February 2003 by NASA. The project used a massive telescope to examine different sections of sky which never yielded a radio signal. However, almost 200 sections of the sky were checked and one of them had a radio signal which grew much stronger than any other place for a while which gave strong evidence of the presence of something extra-terrestrial close to earth. Scientists assume it to have come from alien contact who were spying on earth as they both absorbed and emitted energy of very high frequency.

4. The first alien interaction

alien interaction

It was in 1940 when several alien spacecraft were said to have been recovered in the United States and also that few dead aliens were found with one of them living which they named the EBE(extra biological entity). After 13 years, a large object flew on the surface of earth to which the astronomers assumed it to be asteroids but as they came closer, they were spaceships. A radio communication was made successful under the PLATO project and it is said that the US government had warning from aliens to dismantle and destroy every nuclear weapons on earth to which the then president Eisenhower declined. However, the project was never revealed again after so that people would never feel the terror from these aliens.

3. The restricted Area 51

The restricted Area 51

There have been several reports regarding Area 51 in the United States where modern UFO and several conspiracy theories about aliens are studied. No information gets leaked from this place as it has been highly secured by US navy. However, there have been reports regarding the examination, storage and engineering of alien spacecrafts along with the study of aliens(one of which is still assumed to be alive). People claim that they were able to capture one of the alien who had come with his group in a spaceship to invade earth but was left behind.

2. The Mystery Sphere

the mystery sphere

The Betz family were surprised to have discovered a strange silvery sphere while they were examining the surprise fire in their woodland. The family reported that the ball showed reactions for music and tunes, it could roll on its own and return back. It was also said to glow more on a sunny day. However, it was later analyzed by the US Navy and they concluded that it was just a simple stainless steel ball. But then again, rattling sounds started to play from inside the ball and the house gradually saw a terror with doors and window slams in the night. Claimed to possibly be an extra-terrestrial object, the ball was gone from the home one day and nobody knew where, but it was supposed to be sent by the aliens to destroy the woodlands.

1. The Wow Signal

wow signal

It was in August 1977 when a radio telescope detected an unusual radio pulse which lasted around 37 seconds. It came from somewhere around the Sagittarius constellations but showed several signals that were never seen on earth. The radio signals were of high radio frequencies which were banned on the earth and no natural resources from space had similar type of radio frequency radiations. The signal still remains unexplained but suggests that it was created by someone in the outer space to destroy the radio communication technology inside earth (which possibly did not happen).


Science still lacks in the exact evidence or proofs about the actual presence of aliens or creatures outside earth. There have been several claims and reports regarding the existence of microscopic organisms in some of the planets recently but none of them strongly suggest the truth. However, the world has been experiencing unusual activities in earth since a very long time with the experience of several UFOs, broken communications and unidentified signals that possibly have come from the outer space. Whatever it be, we expect that science will be able to deal with these things and bring everything to light someday to protect the earth.

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