Top 10 things to do if you are single on Valentines Day

Don’t have a special somebody to celebrate over-rated ‘love-day’; The Valentine’s Day with? Actually, it will all be okay and it’s a promise. It’s just like any other day. The only difference is, that you’ll get annoyed with valentine greetings and pictures of people celebrating the day on the news-feed of facebook, couples romancing in the public, signs on the billboards, the marketing blitz of   the candied hearts, long-stemmed red roses, cheesy lines on silly greeting cards and admit it, you might feel a little down that you’re boy-friendless or girl-friendless and as if the Valentine’s day was not enough of a torture, we now have a Valentines week beginning with a ‘Rose Day’ and you have a ‘Propose Day’, ‘Hug Day’, ‘Kiss Day’ and God knows what else day.

But don’t feel depressed. Not yet because you’re just as fabulous as those attached couples who are wasting their money out on the lavish dates that night. In fact, you are even more awesome and luckier than they are. Here’s the list of top ten things you can do to beat out the valentine blues and have an absolutely terrific time:

10. Remember the fact that many couples are unhappy

remember unhappy couples on valentines day

Everything is not how it appears to be. Have you ever stopped to think that a lot of these couples around are unhappy? Just because they’re eating a meal together on February 14, sharing pictures of forced smiles, writing statuses that speak of love or doing something that sounds like fun to the ear doesn’t mean they’re happier than you. In fact, some are probably quite the opposite. You are so lucky that you have so much time for yourself.

9. Have your usual routine

usual routine on valentines day

Live like any other day that you don’t have a lover. Just because it’s a day everybody else is celebrating, it does not mean that you have to observe the craze and make an effort to celebrate it yourself too. If you want to, it’s different but if you don’t, you’re not obliged to. Pretend that it’s a normal day. Go to school/college/work, and do all the things that you’d do on a normal boring day. It only lasts for 24 hours and will be over soon.

8. Save Money

save money on valentines day

Everything. Just everything is expensive on the Valentine’s Day. Greeting cards, Flowers, Candies, Dinner, everything!  So save your hard-earned cash for something cool and trust me, it will be worth it.

7. Read a good book or have a personal movie marathon

read book or watch movies on valentines day

Stay home. Order in and treat yourself to fun. Find an inspiring book that will get you back to down-to-earth thoughts that have nothing to do with cheesy stuff with hearts on or take the time and watch your celebrity crush’s movies. . Embrace the fact that you are alone. Embrace the fact that you know you have a choice to go out and meet anybody you want if you wanted to.

6. Treat yourself

treat yourself on valentines day

Always remember that being single is fabulous. Being single IS fabulous! And there’s no lying there. Who wouldn’t want the endless opportunities? The world is your oyster. You don’t have to worry about spending your money on somebody else so spend it on yourself.

Chocolate is the best thing ever and you get all of it without worrying about having to sharing them so pig out! Treat yourself. Buy that gadget you’d always wanted to buy, splurge on a new wardrobe, and go get your favorite snacks and have the time of your life, love your life, love yourself. Dedicate the day to yourself, you totally deserve it.

5. Get something from your bucket list done

get something on your bucket list done on valentines day

If you’ve been waiting for a day to cross out something special that you’d always wanted to do then get it done. There are millions of ways you can make your day special and many of them do not include hearts and flowers. Go and do sky diving, scuba diving, do something interesting, something memorable and call it a day. Everybody else will be busy crying and whining because they are not or sometimes, because they are in a relationship while you have the time of your life. Trust me, you will be so proud of yourself.

4. Have real fun; prank someone… or two

prank someone on valentines day

Pranks are always fun. Not a super awful prank, but anonymous flowers to a single friend won’t hurt. You can even make an anonymous phone call to your single friend telling him/her that you are a secret admirer and have
a good laugh, call him/her and arrange for a super-romantic dinner date somewhere only to end up there yourself. Team up and pull a prank on an in-love couple so that everybody gets a good laugh but just be sure not to go overboard with practical jokes. You want to tease your friends, not ruin their day.

3. It’s a good day to celebrate the love you have for your friends

celebrate with friends on valentines day

Throw a party or get dressed up and go out. Get together with your best friends and be thankful that you are lucky to be spending the day of love happily with the people you really love instead of having an awkward date. Just make sure that you don’t invite love-stuck couples to the party and steer wide of places like fancy restaurants catering to couples ogling each other over candle-lit dinner.

2. You don’t have to be ‘in love’ to love.

celebrate valentines day with your parents

Try taking the focus off yourself and concentrate instead on brightening the day of the ladies or men in your life who mean something to you. Spend the day celebrating True Love. Get your mom and dad something- they raised you. Tell them that you love them, they’ll appreciate it. Contact your siblings- they are also the love of your lives and tell them how much you miss and love them.
Catch up with that cousin you haven’t talked to since weeks or buy something for your pet who adores you. Find a couple who have been married for a long time and listen to their stories. All of these will make you happy and you’ll be truly celebrating the day of love.

1. Get Lucky

get lucky on valentines day

If the day reminds you of a secret crush then collect your guts and give it a shot. Don’t chicken out and just remember that on Feb 14, nobody gets rejected for saying ‘I love you’. If your crush says that he/she loves you back then congratulations! And even if they don’t, it’s alright. You’ll feel lighter. He/she deserve to know that they are lovable and that you love them so no harm done.


Just because you don’t have a valentine doesn’t mean that you have no reason to celebrate the day of love. In fact, anybody and everybody can be your valentine, it’s all up to you. So start this Valentine’s Day on a happy note. Dedicate the day to yourself and everybody you love and go on a quest to make it a happy day. You won’t even have to make much of an effort. A simply positive attitude cannot make your life perfect but nothing can, for that matter and all we can do is try-try so that one day, we’ll look back and realize that we’ve tried our best and lived every moment of our life in the best way we possibly could.

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