What are the Luckiest Zodiac Signs & Casino Games for Gambling? – An Insightful Guide 

Your likelihood of winning when you gamble depends on two crucial factors: your gambling strategy and luck. Gambling strategies aren’t always reliable, and not all gamblers use one. However, luck is a constant factor in gambling, and your luck may depend on your Zodiac sign. Everyone has a zodiac sign, and understanding how yours affects your gambling luck can make you a better player. 

Winning in gambling also depends on the casino. Some casinos are more rewarding than others. Interestingly, many gamblers usually find their luck at Bizzo Casino. Overall, it is important to choose your casinos wisely. 

So, what is your zodiac sign, and how does it affect your gambling luck? Here is an overview of the luckiest zodiac signs and casino games for gambling. 

The Relationship Between Gambling & Luck 

Everyone – gamblers and non-gamblers alike – believes that luck is an integral part of gambling success. This belief is so entrenched that there are several scientific research papers based on the concept. 

Luck is difficult to explain, especially considering that some gamblers are luckier than others. Luck is perhaps most evident among successful gamblers who don’t rely on gambling strategies. Such gamblers don’t seem to ‘do the math’ when gambling – they just throw their cards on the table (figuratively speaking) and win. In contrast, some gamblers have sophisticated strategies that fail them repeatedly. 

Don’t you think that gamblers who strategize deserve to win? Unfortunately, this depends on luck, as many gambling movies and real-life experiences can prove – ultimately, you don’t need a strategy if lady luck is on your side. 

Different Casino Games Require Different Levels of Luck 

There is a likelihood of winning any casino game you play. However, some games are luckier than others, depending on various factors. For example, table games such as poker require a small degree of strategizing, while most slot games are based solely on luck. 

What are the Luckiest Slot & Casino Games? 

Prudent gamblers seeking to maximize their winnings usually focus on the luckiest casino games, including: 


Blackjack is a card game with a winning odds of 49%. This game requires a small degree of strategizing. However, it is mostly based on luck, considering that the house has an advantage of 1%. Good luck when playing blackjack involves getting a hand that comes closer to 21 than the dealer. 


Roulette has winning odds of about 50%. The game involves gambling where the ball will fall on the wheel: it can be a specific color (red or black) or a specific number. This game is entirely based on luck, considering its random and unpredictable nature and the 50% winning odds. 


Craps is a table dice game with winning odds of almost 50%. It involves placing wagers on the results of a dice roll, which is entirely based on luck. 


There are thousands of slot games, and identifying the luckiest ones is difficult. Overall, it is advisable to consider a slot game’s Return-to-Player (RTP) percentage, which indicates the game’s expected payout rate. Other factors to consider when choosing a lucky slot game include legitimacy, playing requirements, and bonuses and promotions. 

Certain Zodiac Signs are Luckier than Others 

Understanding how zodiac signs work is essential for understanding the relationship between your zodiac sign and gambling luck. The zodiac is a belt-like structure in space comprising the sun, moon, and most of the known stars and planets. There are 12 zodiac signs representing each month of the year – your zodiac sign depends on your date of birth. 

Different zodiac signs are associated with different personalities. For example, people under the zodiac sign generally have a caring, sensitive, and compassionate personality. Similarly, some zodiac signs represent luck, among other personality traits. 

What are the Luckiest Zodiac Signs? 

Every zodiac sign has its fortunes and misfortunes. Luck is not exclusive to one zodiac sign – however, some signs bring more luck than others. It is worth noting that the zodiac signs excluded from the list below aren’t necessarily unlucky – rather, they are more strategic and don’t enjoy as much luck as the others. 

Here is an overview of six of the luckiest zodiac signs and how they impact your gambling success: 


Gemini gamblers are born between May 21 and June 21. The Gemini symbol is twins, representing two factors crucial to gambling success: a bright mind and good communication skills. Geminis are generally easy-going and successful people – they also make lucky gamblers. 

Geminis are luckier at some casino games than others. The luckiest games for Gemini gamblers include table games and slots. 

Interestingly, Gemini gamblers have lucky and unlucky gambling days. Wednesday is their luckiest gambling day because this is when planets align – they are also lucky on Sundays. Unfortunately, Mondays are unlucky days for these gamblers. It is also worth noting that Gemini gamblers are luckiest when in a good mood. 


Sagittarius gamblers are born between November 22 and December 21. They are impulsive people who don’t mind taking wild risks, ideal traits for a gambler. 

Besides being impulsive risk-takers, Sagittarius gamblers also tend to have strong emotional intelligence, which enables them to accept their losses. Their strong emotional intelligence also explains their persistence, which is another ideal trait for a gambler – they will not stop until they win. Fortunately, they are also logical and usually plan their budgets, making them responsible gamblers. 

Slots are the luckiest casino games for Sagittarius gamblers, which is understandable considering that they are risk-takers. They also perform well in other casino games that don’t require much strategizing. Wednesdays and Thursdays are their luckiest gambling days, while Sundays and Mondays are generally considered unlucky. 


Aries is the first zodiac sign. Aries gamblers are born between March 21 and April 19, and they tend to be optimistic, ambitious, and goal-driven. 

Being optimistic and ambitious makes Aries people enthusiastic gamblers. They are also goal-driven, making them persistent even when they lose. They are also competitive and can go to extreme lengths to win. However, Aries gamblers are also cautious and usually employ simple gambling strategies, making them responsible gamblers. 

Tuesdays are the luckiest gambling days for Aries gamblers – they are even luckier if the Tuesday falls on the 9th, 18th, and 27th days of the month. Unfortunately, Mondays are unlucky days for these gamblers. Their luckiest games include poker and slots. 


Capricorn gamblers are born between December 22 and January 19. Capricorns have a somewhat mixed personality that makes them unique and lucky. Interestingly, they are very lucky when gambling while on vacation, considering the convenient timing. 

On the one hand, Capricorn gamblers are serious, disciplined, and prudent about their spending. These traits make them low-rollers on the casino floor – they usually make a limited number of gambles and leave the rest to luck. On the other hand, Capricorn gamblers are easily excitable and enthusiastic about the likelihood of winning, especially when there are jackpots and other huge prizes involved. Most notably, they are optimistic and always believe that luck is by their side, making them go-getters. 

Saturdays are the luckiest days for Capricorn gamblers, while Mondays and Tuesdays are considered unlucky. Their luckiest casino games include slots (especially progressive slots), poker, and lotteries. 


Libra gamblers are born between September 23 and October 23. They have unpredictable personalities, which makes them complicated gamblers. However, their unpredictability also involves some risk-taking, and their tendency to try out new games makes them lucky. 

Fridays are the luckiest gambling days for Libra gamblers – Friday is associated with stability, which helps balance their unpredictable nature. Unfortunately, Mondays are unlucky days for Libras to gamble. Their favorite games include slots, especially new ones with good odds and enticing rewards. 


Aquarius gamblers are born between January 20 and February 18. They have a confident and volatile personality that is mostly based on logic, making them strategic gamblers. They also have great intuition, which explains their luck. Interestingly, these gamblers aren’t all about winning – they also view gambling as a way to have fun and socialize with their fellow gamblers, hence their confidence. 

Saturdays are the luckiest gambling days for Aquarius gamblers. Interestingly, these gamblers don’t seem to have unlucky days. Card games are their luckiest casino games because they give them a chance to socialize. They are also lucky at slots. 

Final Word: Luck is an Integral Factor in Gambling Success! 

Luck is an integral and indispensable factor for gambling success. It doesn’t matter how complex your gambling strategy is – you need some luck on your side to win. Your zodiac sign can determine your luck in gambling, and gamblers with the signs discussed in this article tend to be the luckiest.