What to Wear to an Interview: Best Interview Outfits for Men

The first impression during the job interview can help you succeed or can spoil everything. That’s why you should be careful with choosing the outfit for the formal meeting with the future employer. Remember that the resume is the thing that attracts the manager’s attention before the interview, but your clothes highlight your personality during the interview.

A professional resume helper such as assisting web service https://skillhub.com/linkedin-resume can provide you with the best recommendations on writing a winning resume. But we will share the best suggestions for the next level, which is an interview itself. So, stay tuned to learn what to wear to an interview and get a job.


Some Examples of the Winning Dress Code

Clothes and shoes do matter during the job interview because hiring managers consider every detail of your appearance. You need to correspond to the professional skills and qualifications mentioned in your resume and cover letter.

There are the main benefits of the fitting dress code during the first meeting with your employee:

  • a formal look can increase your confidence;
  • it demonstrates your serious approach to the job search;
  • winning dress code boost your chances to leave a good impression;
  • a perfect look shows your professionalism better than any words.

Choose Light Colors

Career experts recommend wearing light-colored clothes to the interview. The matter is that light colors, such as white or pastel shades, are perceived as neutral. Therefore, the managers will not have negative associations with such colors.

Also, they will not distract the attention of the recruiter from analyzing your candidature. But if the applicant wears something red or orange, it can ruin the overall impression.

Shirt With a Blazer Is a Nice Combination

If you want to get a business-related job position, the combination of the button-down shirt with a blazer will highlight your professionalism. This business casual outfit corresponds to a person with strong leadership skills. Do not forget that these clothing items should be grey, white, brown, or black.

Light-Colored Suits

A light-colored suit is also a winning choice for job seekers to succeed in the career field. Lighter colors and shades help not to look too professional and correspond to the interview dress code. If you are not sure about the company’s requirements for the applicants, choose this outfit to impress the employer anyway.

Add Some Accessories

Adding some accessories can help accentuate your outfit. The only thing to consider is the type and number of accessories you are going to wear. For example, a belt will be a thing that helps maintain your professional image. However, make sure that it matches the colors of the clothes and shoes.

Consider Your Socks

Finally, you should pay attention to every detail of your outfit, including the socks. Wearing socks with colored patterns, stripped, or any similar variants may spoil everything. It is better to match this clothing item to pants, boots, and the top part. In other cases, you can leave a bad impression, even if you are well-prepared to answer all interview questions.

What Outfits Are Forbidden for a Job Seeker

There are also some recommendations from professionals about what clothing items or accessories are inappropriate for the job interview. Do not forget that hiring managers analyze the potential worker’s personality based on the outfit, similar to how applicant tracking systems scan the resume.

Avoid Wacky Ties

Some job seekers like to add some creative patterns to their outfits. But the wacky tie is not the best decision to show your personality. With this accessory, you will look rather funny than interesting. Also, the employee can perceive you as non-professional. If you want to impress the hiring manager, apply a classic strategy and choose, for example, striking ties.

Do Not Wear Casual Sneakers

One more thing to avoid is casual shoes. This element of your complete look is very important. You need to have a conservative style to leave a good impression before you are employed. Do not wear open-toe shoes or sneakers. The most winning variants to impress the recruiter are boots, Oxfords, and other classical shoes.

Avoid T-Shirts

It is better to forget about T-shirts when you are preparing for a job interview. Even if it does not have busy patterns and is neutral-colored, this clothing item is often perceived as casual and not classic. As we have already mentioned, blazers or shirts will be more appropriate clothes for this occasion.

Do Not Wear Heavy Perfumes

You should also consider perfumes while preparing for the formal meeting with potential employers. Heavy patterns or any strong scents can become a reason for allergy or headache. In some cases, it can distract the recruiter from your personality. Hence, avoid wearing a lot of perfume so as not to miss the opportunity to get a dream job.

Forget About Bright Colors and Busy Patterns

Bright colors and busy patterns are the main no-nos for the interview outfit. The same as excessive accessories, the choice of color affects your overall look. It is suggested not to try highlighting your creative personality by wearing colorful clothes with various patterns. Instead, you can impress the managers with a variety of skills, qualifications, and accomplishments.

Final Words

These simple tips will be useful for the applicants while they are preparing for the first job interview. Remember that your professional appearance is as important as your key skills and experiences. We hope that our recommendations will help you get the job of your dream.