William Rast Clothing by Justin Timberlake To Feature Timberlake In The Ads

Jay-Z in Rocawear Premium
Jay-Z in Rocawear Premium

Justin Timberlake has agreed to appear in a series of adverts for his new clothing line, William Rast, it’s been reported.

Timberlake was initially understood to be reluctant to feature in the campaign but changed his mind after he was pitched the idea of playing a fictional character who is named after the brand.

Designer and partner John Lindeberg, who is widely regarded for his own JL collection, said Timberlake “instantly loved it and got really into building the profile of this character.”

According to WWD, Timberlake’s adverts will begin to air online later this month and will see Timberlake on the run from the police.

The William Rast line will debut this autumn.

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