10 Free Apps for Designers and Business People

The smartphone is already a part of life for the modern man. We do just about everything on it – edit photos, watch TV shows in the Netflix app, bet on our favorite sport in the 22Bet Mobile App, draw, and correspond with friends. But it’s worth thinking about the fact that you could also use it rationally for work.

Today we have prepared a selection of the best, in our opinion, applications, useful both for designers and for clients, who can independently and quickly make a beautiful advertising post, postcard, announcement, when you can not waste a minute. And these apps will also help to find a common language between the designer and the client, to understand each other better.

1. Canva (PC, iOS, Android)

Creating a presentation, a beautiful advertising post for social networks, a postcard, or an invitation is very easy with a lot of stylish templates in the Canva app. The simple and minimalistic interface makes the creation process comfortable and enjoyable. The library contains thousands of images, icons, fonts, you are sure to find something suitable for you.

Canva is a convenient service for maintaining business accounts and personal blogs on your smartphone. Simple operation, a large selection of photos and ready-made templates, as well as a wide range of settings make it a universal tool for creating publications for all social networks at once. With a couple of clicks, you get a cool layout for a campaign, contest, news, or entertainment post from an ordinary picture.

2. Assembly (iOS)

Flat illustrations continue to be popular. The Assembly app, which is even more like a game, will help to create a flat illustration even for beginners: you just compose your picture from a lot of different geometric shapes, choose colors and create your masterpiece. For workaholics, it will also be a good meditation.

3: Skitch (PC, iOS)

For those who love to highlight text with a marker, circle something important on a sheet of paper, come up with a very simple application, Skitch. You just choose the right photo, a print screen of the letter, and a virtual marker (or an arrow, or an icon, or even a smiley face) is already at your fingertips! A note for clients and art directors: it’s very handy to highlight flaws right on the preview of the layout.

Skitch is a very interesting tool that should prove very handy for anyone who wants to take notes on their Android. And once you’re done, you can share your work with any app installed on your device.

4. Paper (iOS)

Paper is an advanced notebook with a unique user interface designed for artists who want to have a handy tool for sketching and writing down ideas. The perfect app – ultra-soft digital sketching, a great package of drawing and coloring tools, thoughtful interface. In addition, it recognizes and corrects dozens of shapes and sketches in real-time, while maintaining the effect of a hand-drawn sketch.

5. Creative Shape (iOS)

Creative Shape Photo Editor gives an artistic look to all your images with the form, add custom typography, beautiful layout masks, beautiful stickers, and creative overlay to your photos and share them on your favorite social networks.

Simple, just take a framed photo shape and change the composition of your image. And then get creative with multiple shapes, color overlays, filters, etc. For the first time ever, the photo editor is going live! Yes, almost everything you can do in our image editor is also packaged in live photos to save you time in post-processing!

6. Font Candy (iOS, Android, WindowsPhone)

Font Candy instantly adapts the picture from the rich library of applications or your picture to the desired screen size on your tablet, screensaver for Facebook, blog post, etc. And you can also add a ready-made text block, recolor colors, edit the photo with filters, add beautiful graphic elements: dividers, stripes – all in one application. The only disadvantage of the free version is the advertising that pops up.

7. PicLab (iOS, Android, WindowsPhone)

If you can’t find the templates or beautiful lettering you need in Canva, Creative Shape, and Font Candy – you can look for them in PicLab. Lots of beautiful calligraphic lettering, mini-illustrations, broken down into different themes will help you create your design in minutes. The only “but” is that there aren’t many free templates.

PicLab – Photo Editor is a powerful photo editor that lets you work with images through an easy-to-use interface. It also includes a tool for creating collages from multiple photos.

8. Fuzel Collage (iOS)

A simple and fun way to combine photos with each other with the addition of captions and illustrations. With this app you can create not only a collage for Instagram or a cute album for Valentine’s Day, but also make a post to the social network or a poster for a planned event. If the user is busy looking for an exclusive program that can give photos unique features, the Fuzel Collage app will provide a number of new features.

9. Penultimate (iOS)

This is another advanced notebook for creative people. Here you can easily make your own virtual diary. All sorts of page layouts, calendars, scribbles, millimeters, and a sea of other templates. Take notes, plan your time, draw sketches of your ideas! In the end, we have a wonderful notepad. Minimum functions, no compromises, everything is simple and to the point.

10. Calligraphy (iOS, Android)

Who doesn’t dream of beautifully writing monograms and swirls right now? Calligraphy is an app where you can learn to write different calligraphy styles. You can practice alphabets as well as words in different fonts. It also has options to change the color of the pen, the size of the pen, the font size, and the style of the pen. In addition, it also allows you to personalize your images/backgrounds by writing a text on them in any font style and color. You can edit any images from your gallery.