The 10 Most Popular Android Applications

Android devices are the next best things to happen since the first iPhone was introduced. This mobile platform has made smart phones even smarter, plus the fact that they have proven that smart phones don’t really have to cost too much. The 10 most popular Android applications are:


10. Street View
No. of Downloads: 952,571

Street View

Created by Google Inc., Street View is a clever app that allows users to explore the world at street level. It can be used to view popular landmarks, check out the local sites, or just take a virtual trip to any place in the world. Street View is used along with Google Maps.

9. Gmail
No. of Downloads: 1,458,744


Gmail remains to be one of the most popular free email service providers over the internet. So it isn’t surprising how its online computer users are willing to bring Gmail with them through their smart phone. The Gmail Android app allows users to access their emails instantly with push notifications. The app also lets users to manage multiple user accounts, view and save attachments, and setup label notifications.

8. Adobe Reader
No. of Downloads: 1,505,643

Adobe Reader

The Adobe Reader is one of the most popular Adobe products available on the Android apps market. It lets users quickly and easily open email attachments in the PDF format. It also works with other web programs and apps that use PDF. The Adobe Reader Android app allows users to search, zoom, and scroll documents, use the night mode and brightness lock, annotate and review PDFs, fill out forms, sign them, and more.

7. Chrome Browser
No. of Downloads: 2,200,297

Chrome Browser

Chrome for Android devices is one of the fastest mobile browsers to use on a phone or a tablet. It is also a smart browser that allows users to pick up where they have left off on other devices. The Android app includes the tab sync and search by voice features. This app also saves and reduces mobile data usage and includes the language translation feature.

6. Fruit Ninja
No. of Downloads: 2,642,264

Fruit Ninja

Another Android game that had made waves in the app market is Fruit Ninja. This app is an exciting fruit slicing game that uses blades and dojos along with unique special effects during game play. Users may mix and match their gears in order to make epic combos. The game also includes features like bouncing clouds and great waves to make it more engaging.

5. Angry Birds
No. of Downloads: 3,415,153

Angry Birds

Angry Birds is one of the handful Android games that took the world by storm. Angry Birds has long seen many installments, but the original one that Rovio Mobile Limited first released remains to be the game’s most popular version. Angry Birds is still the most popular Android game. It is about a bunch of birds that are angry at the pigs for stealing their eggs. This one is a role playing game where users need to blast off all the pigs using the birds’ special powers.

4. Twitter
No. of Downloads: 3,828,372


The same people who loved Twitter on their computers are the same people who are downloading the app on their mobile phones. The free Twitter for Android app does exactly the same thing it does on a computer in an Android phone. It allows users to express themselves express themselves, connect with other people, and discover about many other things. Twitter for smart phone also allows using hashtags, sharing tweets, tweeting links, and more.

3. Skype
No. of Downloads: 5,188,213


Skype is an instant messaging app with a voice and video call feature. Millions of people are currently using Skype either on their computers or on their mobile devices. With Skype for Android, there’s no reason why you can’t stay in touch with the people that matters most to you. Users may even call mobile phones and landline numbers for a minimal fee.

2. WhatsApp Messenger
No. of Downloads: 19,375,459

WhatsApp Messenger

Another popular smart phone messenger is WhatsApp. This app though, is exclusive only to Android and other smart phone users, so no computer users. It lets users to send up to a million free messages a day to their friends for free, for as long as they have 3G, EDGE, or WiFi connection available. The app also allows for sending multimedia messages like video, voice notes, and images. It also has a group chat feature.

1. Facebook
No. of Downloads: 22,467,013


There are actually two Facebook apps for Android and the other is the messaging tool. The main Facebook app currently enjoys the biggest share of downloads, thus making it one of the most popular Android applications today. The Facebook app allows users to get abreast with their friends, see what they’re doing, share updates, photos, and videos with them, and be notified for likes and comments. Chatting, group conversations, and texting are supported as well. Some games may also be played using the Facebook main app.