10 Most Popular Young Millionaires on Internet

When the internet became popular, a lot of people with entrepreneurial minds went to work, thinking about how to earn off the internet. But there are others whose minds went overtime. And you would you believe that some of these self-made internet millionaires were younger than 30 years old? This only goes to prove that breaking an internet business open can happen at any age and it can get you richer than you could ever imagine. Here is a list of the most popular 10 young millionaires of the internet.

10. David Karp of Tumblr.com

Estimated Worth: $5.5 million

David Karp

Davis started Tumblr in 2007, and did so during the time when blogging was the best means to get your message across. He was able to sell his website so well that he managed to get 4.2 million users in a rather short period of time. And much because of the success of his website, he was able to amass as much $5.5 million worth of funding for it. That’s not bad for a 24-year-old kid.

9. Juliette Brindak of MissOandFriends.com

Estimated Worth: $15 million

Juliette Brindak

At 10 years old, Juliette launched the website Miss O and Friends website. Lucky for her, many teenage girls found her site cool as it contains lots of celebrity gossips, feature articles, games, and quizzes. Count a few years ahead and the site became very successful. Juliette was then inspired to create a line of books that is very similar to her site. Overall, that gave her a net value of $15 million dollars.

8. David and Catherine Cook of MyYearBook.com

Estimated Worth: $30 million

David and Catherine Cook

David and Catherine are siblings who founded MyYearBook.com. When they built the website, they aimed for the 18-year-old market. And they’re very right in doing so. The site became successful because it was able to effectively combine Facebook and Friends Reunited in one place. Catherine was 20 years old and David was 22 when they hit it big as young millionaires.

7. Matthew Mickiewicz of SitePoint.com

Estimated Worth: $40 million

Matt Mickiewicz

Sitepoint ran the 99designs website and that made them an overnight success. Matthew was one of the site’s co-founder and he earned a total of $40 million for being so. His prowess in web design and development made him one of the most admired young millionaires today.

6. Alexander Levin of ImageShack.us

Estimated Worth: $56 million

Alexander Levin

ImageShack is a very popular image storing website. For Alexander Levin, it allowed him to stash some $56 million in his bank account. He started the site along with some partners when he was in high school. ImageShack is currently the biggest image hosting site in the world.

5. Peter Cashmore of Mashable.com

Estimated Worth: $70 million

Pete Cashmore

Starting Mashable.com is what made Peter Cashmore the young millionaire that he is. With 10 million readers subscribed to his site, it’s really no surprise why he became a household name for brands that want to extend its market reach.

4. Angelo Sotira of Deviantart.com

Estimated Worth: $75 million

Angelo Sotira

Angelo Sotira is a graphic designer, photographer and web developer who poured all his expertise into his site he called as DeviantArt. The site is the ultimate social networking venue of digital artists around the world. He created the site in 2000 and its worth became $75 million 10 years after. That made him a young millionaire at age 29.

3. Blake Ross of Mozilla.com

Estimated Worth: $150 million


Which person has not used Mozilla yet? Blake is the genius behind that web browser. He created it when he was younger. By 25 years old, he became $150 million richer because of it. He may just be the youngest software developer millionaire yet.

2. Andrew Mason of Groupon.com

Estimated Worth: $600 million

Andrew Masonjpg

Andrew is the founder and CEO of the group buying site Groupon. His site became popular among local businesses that wanted to promote their products or services through a discount offer. He built the site in 2008. From the $1 million invested on this particular project, he was able to make it $600 million. And he’s 29 years old.

1. Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook.com

Estimated Worth: $6.9 billion

Mark Zuckerberg

Only 26 years old when he made it big online, he may just be the most popular young millionaire known worldwide. With a film created about his life story, you know that he’s the brains behind the most popular social networking site today, Facebook. He started programming when he was in Middle School. It isn’t surprising why he is able to come up with what Facebook has become today. Actually, Mark is no longer a millionaire. He’s already a billionaire.