15 Tips for Finding Bitcoin ATM Locations in Your Area

Do you need help with finding Bitcoin ATM locations near you? Take a moment to read about how to locate the best options for your needs.

Did you know that only 10% of adults in the United States own cryptocurrency?

Although it’s seen as a financial risk, many people have used digital currency to build assets and save for retirement. If you want to build your wealth and buy crypto while the prices are low, Bitcoin is the solution.

Keep reading if you want to learn how to find Bitcoin ATM locations that will help you manage your funds and payments!

Head Toward the City

One of the best ways to surround yourself with Bitcoin ATM locations is by going into the city.

Large cities are much more likely to have Bitcoin ATMs since they are more populated. Rural areas aren’t as up-to-date on tech, so they likely won’t have a machine for you to pull money from.

Los Angeles is known for having the most ATMs out of any other city in the United States. Texas is another state that has an abundance of ATM options. Financial and business districts will most likely have crypto ATMs since this is where most of their users work.

Make Transactions Before Catching a Flight

Since Bitcoin is a decentralized form of currency, you can use it around the globe without having to stress about exchange rates.

Airports often have a Bitcoin ATM location to make travel easier for customers. Before you catch your flight, you can stop by the ATM and get access to some spending money. Some airports have two or more terminals, so you’ll want to verify which ones have crypto ATMs.

If you’re going overseas, depositing cash into your Bitcoin account can help you make seamless payments. When ATM lines are long, you can complete transactions online and manage your digital currency.

While visiting Asia and Europe, you can use their Bitcoin ATMs and avoid exchange rates between countries!

Check Out Retail Stores & Malls

Shopping centers are notorious for putting up Bitcoin ATMs, especially if a store accepts crypto as payment.

You may get lucky if you’re heading to the grocery store, local mall, or downtown shopping center. Bitcoin ATMs are typically located near standard ATMs. To differentiate them, make sure you verify that they handle Bitcoin transactions and won’t charge you a ridiculous fee.

The next time you pick up groceries from Walmart, take a look at their ATMs. More than 200 stores in the country have crypto kiosks. Coinstar uses CoinMe for crypto-cash exchanges that will connect to your wallet.

Run Into the Gas Station

The next time you fill up at your local gas station, you should check to see if they have a Bitcoin ATM.

With all of the foot traffic that gas stations get, it makes them a prime spot to place the machines. Larger gas stations that act as rest stops may offer all the banking services you need. You’ll have the best luck visiting gas stations on major freeways, roads, and around certain cities.

Gas stations are a convenient place to make crypto-cash exchanges. There are plenty of cameras and staff around to ensure you are safe. It’s best to make transactions during the day, but the bright lights in gas stations will prevent theft, even overnight.

Look Online

Finding a Bitcoin ATM locator is sometimes easier if you do a general search.

Go online, and in the search bar, type your location, ‘Bitcoin ATM Machine,’ and any other details. Depending on which machine you find, you may be limited in your transaction abilities. One-way transactions are common on all ATMs, but if you want to buy and sell two-way transactions, you’ll need a specialized machine.

Be careful when selecting sites, and always check reviews. Certain crypto management and ATM locator platforms use your private info and sell it to companies. It helps to look at online reviews and research the companies before you make transactions.

Search for Blue & Orange

Although the machines could be gray, black, or white, you should still keep an eye out for blue and orange marketing.

Bitcoin uses blue and orange in nearly all of its marketing materials.

ATM screens often use these colors because it improves their branding and helps customers locate machines. Airports and shopping centers create a section for all of the ATMs. Look for Bitcoin’s colors to save time and confidently approach the machine.

After you start purchasing Bitcoin, you’ll become more familiar with their logo. It’s easy to find Bitcoin ATMs once you’ve discovered their colors and signature designs.

Try Bytefederal

On bytefederal.com, you can view a map of Bitcoin ATMs that are nearby and look for other locations.

Not only will you find ATMs in your area, but you can also take advantage of Bytefederal’s other services. You can manage your digital finances through this company and trust that you can always get access to your wealth.

Bytefederal has built a platform that can protect you from scams. With the unfamiliarity of Bitcoin ATMs, they’ve become a target for scammers and hackers. The ATMs you find through Bytefederal won’t empty your wallet or share your information.

Verify the Machine’s Accepted Currency

Cryptocurrency ATMs aren’t just made for those investing in Bitcoin.

Whether you invest in other digital currencies or not, you need to verify which ones your ATM will accept. On the exterior of the machine, most companies market which currencies can be used. You can also discover which forms of currency they accept once you touch the display screen or buttons.

If you primarily use Bitcoin, you shouldn’t have issues finding an ATM. Some of the more obscure and newer currencies haven’t yet had ATMs up and running.

While viewing the currency details, you must also check their exchange rates. Certain machines will charge a fee to conduct transactions and can quickly add up.

Utilize Social Media

Social media platforms are sometimes more useful than search engines.

If you’re looking for the best Bitcoin ATMs in your area, you should check on your community groups. Facebook groups are a great place to ask people where you can find reliable ATMs, especially if they have a habit of removing them.

Other users that have accessed the machines can share location details, along with much more. Don’t be afraid to ask users follow-up questions to ensure the ATM is in a secure location and can handle your transaction.

The best part about finding ATMs with social media is that you can see the most up-to-date features. Websites may not offer much info about each ATM, but its regular customers can.

Never share your account number or personal details with social media users. Although this can be a wonderful resource, it can also put you at risk if you share too much.

Access Funds at the Casino

If you head to the casino, you’ll get lucky looking for a Bitcoin ATM.

Digital currency ATMs get placed in casinos to help people buy Bitcoin or access their wealth to gamble. The casino is a great place to make transactions since everyone is focused on what’s in front of them, not what you’re doing.

Aside from the distractions, casinos are a safe place to manage Bitcoin. There are bounces and endless security measures in place to ensure that no one gets money stolen. Depending on the casino, you can bet your Bitcoin and build your digital wallet.

Keep in mind that casinos often charge premium ATM fees. Since ATM companies also need to make money, they charge higher prices. Knowing that casino-goers have more disposable income, they raise them as high as possible.

Download Bitcoin Applications

By handling your digital currency and finances on your phone or tablet, you can use your devices better.

Bitcoin and digital currency applications can be downloaded to your phone, and you can use their ATM-finding features. Many apps can help you find nearby ATMs, but they don’t always show all of your options.

Compare which applications are best for ATM locating by looking at reviews. You can also find this info on the page in your app store before you download it to the cloud.

One of the most popular apps for Andriod users is Coin ATM Radar. If you use iOS devices, CoinATMFinder is recommended. Depending on the application, you may have limited options in the area.

Make sure your app is compatible with the area you live in.

Prepare for Your Transaction

Studies show that younger generations prefer using ATMs over visiting the teller.

Bitcoin ATMs are perfect for avoiding small talk, but the lines can get overwhelming. You went through a lot of work to locate a Bitcoin ATM, and so did the other people in line. You should prepare for your transaction ahead of time so that you don’t hold up the line and frustrate other people.

Keep your money concealed, and think about what you want to do before walking up to the machine. It’s easy to get overwhelmed while making transactions when a line is right behind you.

Monitor Bitcoin ATM Locations

Most people don’t notice when standard ATMs are getting worked on because they are replaced with another machine.

Unfortunately, Bitcoin ATMs are still growing in popularity, so they might not get a replacement. Using social media and tracking apps can help you monitor where Bitcoin ATMs are and which one’s have been removed.

Typically, the machines get placed back in the same spot once they are fixed, but not always. If the machine isn’t getting enough customers, they may have placed it in a more effective location.

Understand the Process

After you locate an ATM, you should research that machine’s process.

Since Bitcoin ATMs may only have the ability for one-way transactions, you don’t want to visit the wrong machine. Visit the website affiliated with the machine or check a review site. Learning about the process will help you determine if you need your QR code ready to scan or can simply enter a phone number.

Most machines have a similar format, especially if they are through Bitcoin. If there isn’t anyone behind you at the ATM, take a moment to see all of your available options.

Pay attention to the wording on the screen as options appear. Machines sometimes use different wording, which can confuse users.

Keep Checking

Digital currency ATMs are popping up all over the country and the world right now.

If you thought about investing in Bitcoin but didn’t have ATMs nearby, you should take another look. Within the past year, hundreds of ATMs have been placed in retail stores, gas stations, and other rural areas. Highly-populated cities have had ATMs in place for a while, but you may discover new locations.

It helps to download an ATM-locater app since they are continuously updated and show you the closest options. Bitcoin has been around the longest, so out of all currencies, you’re most likely to encounter new machines that accept it.

When machines pop up and don’t look like the standard models, you may want to research them. Some scammers set up entire machines and steal account info and assets without people realizing it.

Manage Your Bitcoin From Anywhere

There are many resources to help you find Bitcoin ATM locations.

You can connect with social media users or do a generalized search if you live in a populated area. Retail stores and gas stations have also been promising for digital currency owners because they get so much foot traffic. You shouldn’t have to look far if you’re near a populated area.

Make sure you check out our blog for more info about Bitcoin ATMs and managing your digital assets!