5 Ways to Manage Your Bankroll at an Online Casino

If you’re one of the millions of people playing online casino games in 2022, one of the most important words to keep in mind is “bankroll”. This is a term that has been a part of gambling parlance for decades, and it simply means the amount of money that you have specifically set aside for spending on casino games.

Once you start playing casino games more regularly, you will begin to hear the term “bankroll management” floated around. This describes the methods that gamblers use to stretch their bankroll further and get the most out of it. Whether you’re a newbie casino gamer or a seasoned high roller, here are our essential tips for managing your bankroll.

Hunt for freebies

The best way to stretch your bankroll further is to play real-prize games for free. For example, you can access daily free spin offers on Paddy Power for the Wonder Wheel game, which allows you to make free wagers with a chance to win real cash payouts. Opting for these free gambling games is a low-effort way to play without diminishing your bankroll.

Set your limits

Knowing your limits is a cornerstone of good bankroll management. This will allow you to only wager money that you are comfortable losing, and ensure that you do not make any rash gambling decisions that might fall outside of your normal strategy. With most modern casinos, you can even use so-called Gaming Control Tools to pre-set your daily, weekly, or monthly wagering limits. This way, you can stay in control of your game.

Keep emotion out of it

In gambling much like in stock trading, a common piece of advice is to leave your emotions out of it. Obviously, the point of casino gambling is to have fun, so bring your usual good vibes to the table. However, it is important not to get too invested in the wager, or allow yourself to get upset if a game does not go your way. When people get emotional, they tend to make mistakes. Keep yourself in check and know when it’s time to walk away.

Pay the right way

Sometimes, the best savings to be found in the casino are in the payment methods. Most casinos allow you to attach your own choice of payment platforms to make deposits and withdrawals, with PayPal, Apple Pay, and Skrill being popular options. It is important to read your casino T&Cs before you do this, as some payment methods attach withdrawal fees, or might impose exchange fees if you are playing with a currency that is not accepted at the casino. A little bit of research can go a long way.

Choose your game wisely

Finally, don’t forget to be mindful about the games you are playing. To make your bankroll go further, you might want to consider choosing games with a higher return to player (RTP) percentage. RTP describes how much the average player would win back on a game over a certain time period. For example, a slot game with a 97% RTP means that, for every £100 you wager, you would receive £97 back in winnings on average. Keep this in mind when selecting games.

With these simple tips, you can learn to manage your bankroll wisely. Give them a try at your online casino today.