6 Reasons to Take a Gap Year Before College

Our life consists of the decisions we make. Even if you ask a psychic for a reading, there will be no specific answers. You will only hear possible scenarios of your life. Every decision is like a fork in the road: you choose whether you go right or left.

There is a principle a lot of people use for small decisions. Let us say you want to buy a new dress or the latest phone model. When you are in the shop, they seem perfect. But a lot of people later regret these on-a-whim purchases. Here is what you can do: distance yourself for a while.

Do not buy anything even if the temptation is overwhelming. Take a few days off with this idea on your mind. If the desire has not evaporated after some time, buy it. But you may find yourself not interested anymore.

The idea is the same for more important decisions. But bigger decisions need longer distancing. Entering a college is a good example. You may keep repeating this mantra: EssayPro offers students essay writing services, I do not need to worry, I will be fine. But if you are not ready to enter college, it is best to take a gap year.

Reasons to Give Yourself a Year

If you struggle to find the inner motivation, see the arguments in favor of a gap year. They will help to overcome your fears, too.

time to figure out who you are

Tuition fees are high, so you better wait if you do not want to throw your money down the drain. Instead of rushing into a decision, allow yourself to figure out your desires. Learn to hear yourself and to trust your instincts.

More opportunities to grow as a person

After taking a gap year, the overwhelming majority of people feel more mature, self-confident, and socially responsible. In a way, when you take a step from high school to college, you still remain a child. Studying is still your main priority. Working on your life skills during the gap year is a step towards adulthood and transformations.

More chances to gain real-world experience

You can enter college as a true global citizen. If you are fascinated with history, go to Britain and explore its oldest universities. Discover the Eastern world and languages if you are keen on Korean cinematography. Visit all fashion houses in Europe to get inspired as a future designer. You will notice how easy it will be to study with such a mass of experience.

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More time to find a clearer sense of purpose

Statistics show that a lot of students switch degrees or transfer schools. Some of them do not manage to graduate from college. What’s the main reason? They have no clear sense of purpose as high school graduates. A gap year will fill you with enthusiasm and vision.

More chances to get into a better school next year

Taking a gap year can come as a spontaneous decision. If your safety school is not what you have always wanted, delay entering college. Next year, when you are more mature and self-confident, you will enter your first-choice college with a clear sense of purpose and real-world experience.

More opportunities to recharge your love of learning

We start truly appreciating something when we lose it. Because of COVID-19, a lot of students were struggling to find the inner motivation for distance learning. When you take a break from the pressures of traditional academic life, you will rediscover your thirst for knowledge.

Benefits of a Gap Year

We have given you the idea of why you should consider a one-year break. Now, we are going to show you what happens if you do so. The pile of advantages looks convincing even for skeptics.

You will make new friends

Of course, the college environment is great for making friends and networking. But making friends in a non-educational setting is also very important. They can become your life-long friends. Or you can establish a “network” of friends in every country of the world. Wherever you go, people will be happy to see you.

You will build up your CV

Employers always take into consideration volunteer work, sports, and recreational hobbies. Perhaps, you did not have much time for that at high school. A gap year is a perfect opportunity to do what you have always wanted. Besides, it will make you marketable.

You will get work experience

A gap year is ideal for but not limited to volunteering. Entry-level jobs or internships are other open doors. They will be a great asset to your resume. But they will also be a much-needed work experience for you as a person.

You will develop new life skills

Even if you spend a month of your gap year playing video games, it is not too bad. They can boost hand-eye coordination and spatial memory. Wherever you go, whenever you do, you always develop new skills, sometimes without realizing that. Your new enjoyable skills can be:

  • yoga
  • drawing
  • writing
  • cooking
  • learning a new language
  • public speaking

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You will not suffer from burnout

Well, we cannot guarantee it 100%. But you will be less likely to experience this syndrome, for sure. You allow yourself to relax. Then you enter college refreshed, inspired, and full of energy. You are more successful in university. As a result, you are more successful after it.

You will become independent

Grown-ups surround us all the time: from our parents to our teachers. They want the best for us. Of course, there is nothing wrong with that. But this excessive care does not let us learn how to be our own people. How can one learn the worth of a dollar or money management if they have everything served? The answer is: during the gap year.

Potential Drawbacks

This article makes you think that a gap year only increases the value of education and brings a lot of advantages. Indeed, it does. But there are also potential drawbacks. You start college a year later, which means that you finish later. In this way, you postpone the start of your career.

Another possible disadvantage is the loss of academic momentum. It does not mean you become stupid. On the contrary, people are more well-rounded after spending a year the way they want. But your study skills can “rust” if they are not used for a while.

A lot of young people see the year before entering college as an opportunity to travel exclusively. In this case, you should carefully consider the traveling restrictions of COVID-19. Otherwise, your perfect plan may not work.

Bottom Line

If you decided to give yourself time and take a break, go through this gap-year check-list:

  • Figure out what you want
  • Keep your eyes wide open
  • Have an action plan
  • Do research before making a choice
  • Just do it