Information, Facts, And Temperament Of Akita Dogs

Akita dog breed information-Akita is a powerful and large dog that has an intimidating presence. Initially, the dogs were used for guarding purposes. These dogs were originally bred for nobility in feudal Japan. They are famous in tracking and hunting black bear, wild boar, and deer. This dog does not back down from the challenges. In return, they are even loyal and fearless guarding dogs of the family.

Akita dog breed information

Akita dog breed informationIt is a significant and bold dog that features a sturdy appearance. They have a large head in contrast to the triangular and small eyes. These dogs have a rugged stance. The presence of Akita acts like a deterrent to the dogs that cause trouble. These dogs are sweet and affectionate with the family members. These are the protective, loving partners those who follow you from room to room. The entire mission of these dogs is to serve you.

These are courageous dogs that act natural guardian for a family. They are stubborn and wilful who do not back down from challenges. Unless there is some good reason, the dogs do not bark. While these dogs make some amusing sounds, grunts, mumbles, and moans. Many people even say that Akita mutter under breath and seemingly they talk to themselves. Many others say that Akita offers an opinion on all matters.

Basic Highlights

To have a healthy pet, we recommend you not to buy them from the irresponsible breeder, pet store, or a puppy mill. A dog needs full care as a child needs. But they must be a perfect fit for the family.

Akita dogs are very aggressive with other breeds. They require to be socialized with the training that helps them to overcome tendencies.

These dogs are not suitable for first-time owners.

These dogs need consistent and socialized training. If you mistreat and mishandle them, then these dogs respond you are becoming less aggressive.

Akita dogs also chase the other pets if you do not train them properly.

The Akita dog sheds a lot.


If in prolonged eye contact, then the dogs believe it to be a challenge and hence they give an aggressive response.

To train an Akita breed is a bit difficult and needs more understanding, patience, and experience. You should work with the trainer who is familiar with the race. Also, make sure that you must be involved in training too.

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The male Akita breed stands to 26 to 28 inches and weighs around 85 to 130 pounds. The female Akita stands to 24 to 26 inches that weigh about 70 to 100 pounds.



Akita dogs are mainly small in height and mass. The dogs are not best for the first time owners, for those are not willing to take charge, and those who want the lapdog. But for those who will and can invest their efforts in research and training, for them, the reward is good. These people need an intelligent friend like Akita.

Additionally, these all considerations means to choose Akita that let you decide which controversy side you would want to stand up.


Akita dogs are very bold and wilful those are naturally wary of the strangers and extremely loyal to the family. They are the courageous, intelligent, and alert dogs that are suited for the one-dog household. These dogs enjoy living in a family and like participating in many daily routines. These dogs have a strong personality which could be very overwhelming. These dogs are in search of the owner that can provide them with love and affinity.