7 Alternatives to Lululemon Clothing

Lululemon is a brand of athletic wear that’s extremely popular today. While Lululemon provides innovative and fashionable styles in comfortable, breathable fabrics, their clothing options are also quite pricey.

Luckily for budget-conscious shoppers, there are alternatives to Lululemon clothing available at competitive prices. With these alternative brands of athletic wear, you won’t miss out on stylish designs or comfy materials. But, you will save money and may be able to purchase more items than you would at Lululemon. Especially if you need athletic wear for the whole family, less-expensive alternatives are an excellent option.

If you do have the budget to shop at Lululemon but are seeking other athletic brands to try out, there are mid-range to high-end alternatives available, too. These Lululemon competitors have special features of their own to offer to shoppers. Plus, it can be quite fun to try out a new brand every so often for variety – you never know what you may find.

Whether you need a budget-friendly or high-end alternative to Lululemon, we’ve got you covered. Below, we’ve listed our top Lululemon clothing alternatives that you can consider when shopping for athletic apparel.


Athleta is a women’s athletic apparel brand. GAP is Athleta’s parent company and it’s related to Old Navy, Banana Republic, and Hill City. Athleta designs their athletic wear to be appropriate to transition a workout to walking down the street or grabbing coffee with a friend. This brand’s styles are sleek and classy with playful design elements and pops of color.

Athleta has a wide selection of product categories, including: tops, bottoms, bras and underwear, jackets, dresses and rompers, shoes and accessories, and swimwear. This brand also has a separate apparel brand for girls, “Athleta Girl”.

Athleta prides itself on fostering a strong, supportive community of women. The brand’s “Wellness Collective” campaign provides resources and events with a focus on holistic wellness. From in-store events to digital content, “Wellness Collective” is made to support women with an active lifestyle.

Sweaty Betty

Sweaty Betty is an activewear brand made especially for women. This brand has a focus on comfort, style, and fit. Designed and marketed by women, Sweaty Betty apparel is both fun and flattering – plus, it’s made to fit women of all shapes and sizes. Sweaty Betty styles are designed to wick away sweat and show off your figure, so you can work out in complete comfort.

Sweaty Betty was created in Notting Hill, London and is still based there, but has expanded to the U.S. You can find Sweaty Betty stores in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, along with more than 60 stores globally. Sweaty Betty apparel is also available in select Nordstrom locations in the U.S.

Sweaty Betty offers a selection of product categories including tops, bottoms, underwear, swimwear, accessories, and gifts. Sweaty Betty also designs apparel especially for certain types of physical activity, including workouts, running, yoga, and swimming.

Sweaty Betty sells a special “Fit Kit” to give shoppers a discount on some of their most popular apparel. Consisting of a pair of their power leggings and an athlete vest, the Fit Kit costs $110, meaning that you can save as much as $35 on the two pieces. You can mix and match your Fit Kit so that you get a style that’s perfect for you.

C9 Champion at Target

We all know that Target boasts affordable prices on a huge range of products. But, you may not know about Target’s C9 Champion brand of athletic wear, which is a budget-friendly alternative to Lululemon. With activewear options for both men and women, C9 offers a large selection of apparel at low prices.

The C9 brand has clothing options for women, men, girls, and boys. There’s also a plus-sized section of apparel available from C9. Shoes and athletic equipment can be bought from this brand as well, making it a one-stop-shop for any workout product that you need.

C9 sells shorts, leggings, tops, jackets, socks, and underwear for active individuals. This brand’s enormous product range has styles especially for an intense workout and others for casual day-to-day wear. Virtually all of the garments from C9 can transition from an exercise session to your regular daily activities, making them a convenient choice for your active lifestyle.


Fabletics is a unique brand of activewear because it works like a subscription service. When you shop at Fabletics, you can become a VIP member. As a member, you can either shop or “skip” the month, meaning that your account won’t be charged the regular $49.95. If you don’t skip, your account is charged $49.95 that can be used as a credit to shop the full Fabletics product line. Plus, when you become a member, you’ll take a “get to know you quiz” so that Fabletics can learn about the styles that you like and make educated recommendations every month.

Fabletics offers a frequently changing array of collections and trends so that you never get bored of your activewear. From collections from well-known names like Kelly Rowland to “The Plus Shop” and fresh prints like camo, women can have a blast while they shop for activewear at Fabletics. There are even collections like “$49 Outfits” to help you find outstanding deals on fashionable sportswear.

VIP members at Fabletics have access to special rates, sales, and deals. This activewear brand releases new monthly products so that there are always fresh styles to check out. Being a member of Fabletics means that you have access to affordable athletic wear in fashionable designs.

In addition to individual garments, Fabletics sells pre-matched outfits to make shopping for flattering combos easy. Outfits are categorized by activity: yoga and studio; running; and gym and workout. One-piece, two-piece, three-piece, and even some four-piece outfits are available. Fabletics members can get great deals on stylish athleticwear by shopping the pre-matched outfits at this online store.


If you’re seeking a bargain alternative to Lululemon’s athletic clothing, H&M is a store to check out. This well-known clothing retailer has made a name for themselves with their on-trend and highly affordable styles. Now, H&M sells athletic wear for women, and the stylish pieces come at budget-friendly prices.

Sportswear from H&M combines style and athletic functionality, making for flattering apparel that will keep you comfortable throughout your workout. A large portion of the athleticwear from H&M also comes in a variety of color options so that you can select the right look for you.

Tops, bottoms, jackets, sports bras, and accessories make up the product categories for H&M athleticwear. In the tops category, you can choose from sleeveless, short-sleeved, and long-sleeved options. In the bottoms category, you can choose from tights, pants, and shorts.


prAna is a longstanding brand of sustainably made clothing, namely activewear, for men and women. Started in California in 1992, this company strives to make clothing that can be worn comfortably in any environment.

prAna offers “Activity Collections” on their site, which organizes the brand’s activewear options by activity. The collections for both men and women include yoga, climb, and travel. Activewear options for both men and women may also be viewed altogether, regardless of activity.

prAna activewear is designed to transition easily from a workout to walking down the street. This brand takes special care with the fabrics that they use, most of which are recycled. The styles at prAna are both unique and on-trend, including options with understated simplicity alongside fun prints and interesting cuts.

prAna activewear is somewhat more affordable than Lululemon, but the prices are higher than ultra-affordable brands like C9 and Old Navy. Considering the quality of prAna products and their sustainable business practices, their mid-range prices are very attractive.

While prAna offers a sweeping selection of activewear, they’re especially well-known for their yoga pants. prAna aims to provide a perfect fit and complete comfort with their yoga pants. With a combination of support and stretch, prAna yoga pants are both comfy and flattering for all different physiques. prAna offers an online “Yoga Pants Guide” to help you select the right option for you.

Old Navy

Old Navy is another great budget-friendly option for athleticwear as an alternative to Lululemon. Old Navy Activewear sells garments for men, women, boys, and girls. The prices for this brand’s sleek and colorful workout wear are remarkable. It’s a fantastic choice for anyone who leads an active lifestyle but doesn’t have the budget for Lululemon’s high-end apparel.

Old Navy sells matching sets of activewear (much like the pre-matched outfits available from Fabletics) so that you can easily find coordinating sportswear outfits. Matching sets may include multiple options for tops, leggings, sports bras, etc. so that you can pick the garments that are best suited to your needs.

The categories for women’s activewear at Old Navy include: tops, bottoms, jackets and hoodies, and sports bras. The categories for men’s activewear include tops, bottoms, and gold essentials. Old Navy, similarly to Athleta, is related to the GAP brand. There are numerous Old Navy locations across the country and they frequently run sales on their already affordable apparel.