Best Boxing Gloves for Beginners

A comfortable and resistant boxing glove can make all the difference in the fight, whether you are an amateur or a professional. There are many options on the market and it is important to choose a product with the right size, with quality seams and materials. That way, you can make the most of your glove.

Brands like Everlast, Adidas, MKS, and Venum Boxing Gloves bring extremely durable and comfortable gloves. And to help you choose the best product, we’ve prepared this guide with everything you should watch out for before buying a glove. In addition, we selected the 5 best boxing gloves, Enjoy!

What’s the Difference Between Boxing Gloves and Muay Thai?

Although they can be used in both sports, there is a difference between Boxing and Muay  Thai gloves. In general, Muay Thai gloves are less rigid, having the thumb area molded directly into the glove structure, allowing the fingers to be more open. That way, it’s easier to hit.

Boxing gloves are designed with the aim of protecting the fighter’s hand and fingers when punching. In this way, the fingers come together more so that they are well protected, the palm of the hand is more closed and the thumb is less exposed, bringing more security at the time of the fight.

How to Choose the Best Boxing Glove

Before choosing the best boxing glove, it is necessary to observe the size of the glove, choose products with reinforced seams, mesh, and more. Check out all the details below!

  • Choose Glove Size According to User Weight

Size is the main factor when choosing a boxing glove. A product that does not fit well in the user’s hand can hinder the fighter’s performance. The measurement of box gloves is indicated in ounces (Oz) and to choose the ideal size, always observe the user’s weight. Check out this link below:

  • 4 and 6 Oz: up to 45 kg. Is it suitable for children
  • 8 Oz: for women from 45 kg to 50 kg and men up to 50 kg
  • 10 Oz: for women from 50 kg to 60 kg and men from 51 kg to 63 kg
  • 12 Oz: for women from 60 kg to 70 kg and men from 64 kg to 74 kg
  • 14 Oz: for women from 70 kg to 90 kg and men from 75 kg to 90 kg
  • 16 Oz: for men and women over 90 kg
  • 18 Oz: for men and women over 105 kg
  • Opt for Products with Reinforced Seams

Another very important point is to buy a quality glove that is durable. For this, always prefer products that have symmetrical and reinforced seams, with double seams , for example. Thus, you avoid the risk of buying a product that can easily tear after a few months of use.

  • Prefer Gloves with Mesh Mesh or Micro-perforated Fabric for Better Perspiration

A product with a good ventilation system reduces the perspiration of the user’s hands, providing more comfort. After all, it’s horrible to train with sweaty hands, isn’t it? Therefore, it is always recommended to purchase gloves made with breathable materials .

Products made with mesh or micro-perforated fabric are ideal, as they provide this ventilation. In addition, it is essential to use bandages to help with this perspiration and to protect the hands from shocks at the time of blows.

  • Opt for Products with Antimicrobial and Bactericidal Treatment

During exercise, it is normal for hands to sweat a lot, so gloves are very likely to acquire a bad smell. In addition, the humid environment is an invitation for the proliferation of microorganisms. To prevent this, some gloves feature an antimicrobial and bactericidal treatment.

Gloves with this feature are more hygienic and perfect for those who use it frequently. A tip is to try to leave the glove outdoors after training, but never in the sun. The sunlight can end up spoiling the product.

Top 3 Best Boxing Gloves for Adults

Now that you know how to choose the best glove, it’s time to make your purchase. We have selected the 3 best boxing gloves for adults on the market. Check it out below!

  • New Elite Venum Boxing Glove

Anyone looking for a glove that delivers maximum comfort and durability will hit the nail on the head when opting for the New Elite Venum Boxing Gloves.

That’s because Venum, a company focused on the fights niche, chose to develop the best for those who train boxing.

Firstly, the garment is made from the best microfiber currently available on the market. According to Venum itself, this microfiber makes the glove even more durable than gloves made of leather.

Another positive point of this glove is that, although it is always important to keep the care of the garment up to date, it does not accumulate odor. This means that your material does not leave room for bacteria and fungi, as long as it is properly sanitized.

Its closure has a different system, capable of improving the fit of the glove. In this way, the chances of the glove opening or hurting the practitioner’s wrist decreases dramatically.

  • Everlast Pro Style Elite

Finally, thinking about the female audience, Everlast created great boxing gloves so that the smaller size suits the shape of the hands more. In addition, its greater amount of colors and prints pleases women much more.

One of the main features of the Everlast Pro Style Elite is the versatility of being able to be used both for training and for muay thai and boxing fights. This is provided thanks to the special synthetic leather from which the glove is made.

Thanks to developed technology, resistance and a two-layer foam grip, the Pro Style Elite has a great natural fit with the wrist, better absorbing the shock of blows.

As well as this feature, it also allows for better execution and technique of punches and thus avoids bruises and wrist turns.

In addition, its greater resistance during blows also drastically reduces possible deformations, increasing the durability of the product.

To complete the high quality and performance, Everlast has invested in an anti-microbial treatment. This feature prevents odors, fungi, high temperature and lack of ventilation inside the glove. In this way, it makes both the product safer and your skin.

  • Adidas Performer

Adidas is already a giant in the sports market and could not fail to present its boxing glove. The Adidas Performer Boxing Glove is the ultimate boxing glove for experienced boxers.

That’s because it was developed especially for those looking for more speed in blows and greater efficiency during fights.

It is a glove made of high-quality material, thus ensuring its durability. In addition, this material helps the athlete’s comfort during fights and training.

The outer part of the fight is made of leather while its palm is constructed of durable polyurethane.

Inside, Adidas has opted for injection padding. Thus, the foam is molded into the shape of the glove and spreads evenly, which increases its impact absorption capacity.