The Best YouTube Halloween Movies

It looks like the month of October is the best time to prepare viewers for the scary month of Halloween. So this month, there are a lot of ghost stories and films released on YouTube and watched by millions of viewers around globe. But there are also some comedy and action movies in the mix. YouTube has been one of the few free resources where viewer can watch full movies right in the comfort of their own home.  So…let’s start with the countdown.


10. Haunt (2013)
No. of views: 450,000

Haunt (2013)

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The Haunt is another big horror movie. A family of three teenage kids moved to a new home. But unknown to them, the house saw a tragedy in the past. The teenagers then meet a very mysterious looking girl, along with an old radio they found in the attic. It was too late when they realized that the radio can be used to communicate with the dead. There was a lot of horrifying and terrible things that happened inside the house that they did not imagine can happen again. This thriller almost has 450,000 views on YouTube.

9. Poison (1997)
No. of Views: 517,057

Poison (1997)

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This Korean movie is a drama about a woman with a difficult childhood, and an innocent, insomniac man. Their brief encounter made it clear that love is both a quest and a search. Would they luckily end up in each other’s arms?

8. Last Chance (2007)
No. of Views: 789,618

Last Chance (2007)

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This movie is about an assassin named Rob who believes in the code: ‘Never Love, Never Lose’. He was on a mission when he got involved with a gorgeous woman – only to find out she is related to his next target. Will he still live by his code?

7. SOVIA – Death Hospital (2008)
No of views: 900,000

SOVIA - Death Hospital (2008)

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This movie is a great thriller from Germany. It started when a nurse named Sovia made a mistake that eventually lead to the death of a patient. Right after, she experienced a near death experience. Worse, the patient mysteriously appeared before her. The next morning, she found a bruise on her shoulder where the dead patient has ‘touched’ her. Unknowingly, she was able to pass on the bruise – and it led to the death of more people. Sovia was nailed as the prime suspect of the murders and she must uncover this mystery to save herself and put an end to the killings. This great thriller has 900,000 views.

6. Supercroc (2007)
No. of views: <1.2 million

Supercroc (2007)

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This is a nice creature thriller movie from Asylum films. Both horrid and entertaining, it is about a crocodile that terrorizes the city. A squadron of soldiers is out to get it.  The croc continued to destroy things in his way. On the other hand, the eggs of the super croc stirred so much interest that everyone is trying to get it. There seems to be a croc expert in the film but he end up being a fraud. The real croc expert turned out to be the lowly female character shown in the first part of the movie who grew up with crocs from where she is from. This one’s got 1.2 million views.

5. Dream of a Warrior (2001)
No of views: >1.2 million

Dream of a Warrior (2001)

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Korean movies are making huge waves in YouTube. But as Korean-romantic comedies dominate, it was a surprise that this South Korean action movie made it to this list. This one is actually a classic Korean film. The story started when a scientist created a machine that allowed anyone to view their past lives and relive it. When the inventor tested the time machine on his daughter, a cult learned about it and destroyed it. And so her daughter was lost. To bring her back, he has to send someone back into the past so she can free and save her. This movie might be then one that inspired the Matrix, which pretty much has the same theme. Special effects are great and it garnered 1.2 million views.

4. Storm of the Dead (2005)
No. of views: <1.5 million

Storm of the Dead (2005)

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Storm of the Dead is a classic zombie movie meeting Twister. The story started in Florida right after it was struck by five hurricanes, thus leaving the city in total catastrophe. Florida looked like a chunk of swamp dominated by looters. One man was killed by the looter and his grandma, who happens to be a Voodoo priestess, quickly sought vengeance and killed the shooters. Rescue teams, looters and the rest of the community fight for survival.  This movie has 1.5 million views on YouTube.

3. Ghost Month (2009)
No. of views: >1.5 million

Ghost Month (2009)

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This drama horror movie was a big hit in 2009. Written and directed by Danny Draven, the movie is about a housekeeper who is haunted by a number of apparitions of ghosts seeking vengeance. The story revolves around the Chinese belief that every seventh month of the year, the pouring of souls and spirits breaks out from hell’s gate and enter the human world to spread terror.  This is not your usual Hollywood movie as it has less violence and gore. The beauty of the film is in the twist of the story and the turn of the events. Even more surprising, the cast and the actors have no big names but it was still a nice watch. That audience appreciated this movies and it is one of the most watched movie in YouTube for October 2014 with over 1.5 million views.

2. Dark Prince (2000)
No. of views: <1.7 million

Dark Prince (2000)

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With Dracula Untold being recently shown in the big screen and making a big hit, the Dark Prince: The True Story of Dracula was also a sensation this month. On YouTube, it has over 1.7 million views. It showcased the original story of how Dracula become a creature of the dark. Dracula is once a war lord who merely wanted to protect his kingdom. In order to do this, he sold his soul to the devil so his family and kingdom will survive. The coveted role of Dracula is played Rudolf Martin. This movie was applauded for its storyline and amazing war scenes.

1. Raging Hormones (1999)
No. of views: >1.7 million

Raging Hormones (1999)

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The month of October seems to be the best time to laze around and watch some funny sex comedy films too. Raging Hormones has a storyline similar to the classic American Pie series. The movie follows the life of Peter, who is doing odd jobs to earn money for college. When the sexy Sally and her friend Randy invited the inexperienced Peter over their house for some kinky fun, his life takes on a different route. It has a lot of hilarious moments with some good acting. This is a low budget comedy film that has a good following on YouTube with 1.7 million views.