The Biggest Non American Car Manufacturers in the USA in 2014

The US is one big consumer market of cars. But while the Big Three American car manufacturers should be basking in the sun with massive sales year after year, there are several non-US car manufacturers that make the car market rather competitive. Here are the 10 non-US car companies that have successfully penetrated the US market and gave the Big Three a good run for their money. Side note: All figures reflect 2014 data.

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10. Mercedes-Benz
Units Sold: 28,593


As a luxury car brand that the whole world loves, it’s easy to see that Mercedes-Benz is also quite popular in the US car market. However, the their low ranking in this list highlights the fact that they don’t sell regular family cars, but high end vehicles that only the more affluent people can afford. Mercedes-Benz USA has been selling and distributing their popular models such as the CLA-Class, S-Class, and SLS AMG GT for years and they’re getting good figures.

9. Volvo
Units Sold: 47,823


This Swedish car manufacturer that is established in Gothenburg is quite happy making a rather good mark in the US market at their present position. Among their different car brands shipped and sold in the US, their best sellers are the S60 and XC60, with each of them selling more than 15,000 units. Aside from cars, they also distribute trucks, buses, and construction equipment.

8. BMW
Units Sold: 69,154


BMW is a German luxury car manufacturer that now makes motorcycles. Their most popular model to date is the BMW i3, which is now being upgraded to the i4. Their BMW M series has gained a good following too, more particularly the M3 and M4 models. BMW has subsidiaries all over the world, and the one in the US opened in 1994. In the US, it is the BMW 3- and 4-series cars that sell best.

7. Subaru
Units Sold: 74,523


Subaru is actually a car model manufactured by Fuji Heavy Industries. In the US, this car brand is quite popular, more particularly the Outback. Subaru is known for its boxer engine layout and the all-wheel drive. This car brand with the six-star logo was established in 1953 in Tokyo, Japan.

6. Volkswagen
Units Sold: 89,449


Volkswagen is one of the three biggest German car manufacturers. However, it doesn’t target the luxury automobile market like its counterparts do. Instead, they chose to continue to live by their mantra of selling to the people. And they have been very successful in doing so, especially in the US. Volkswagen is currently the biggest car manufacturer in Germany. Their popular models are the Golf, Echo, Beetle, and Passat, among others

5. Kia
Units Sold: 94,401


A Korean car manufacturer, Kia is slowly penetrating the US market with their entry-level cars. In South Korea, they ranked as the second largest car maker. They are, however the oldest car manufacturer in the country. They were already successful in getting their brand known in the immediate Asian region. And now that they have targeted the US market as well, they are indeed moving at a steady pace. Two of their most notable car models are the Cadenza and Optima. They employ more than 33,000 people as of writing.

4. Nissan
Units Sold: 111,477


Nissan is one of the Japanese car manufacturers with three manufacturing locations in the US alone. They are located in Smyrna, Canton, and Decherd. Established 80 years ago, Nissan is currently at a very good position in the US market. Almost all of their new cars sell really well, especially the Altima, Sentra, and Versa. Nissan is the second largest car manufacturer in Japan. In the world, they rank sixth.

3. Hyundai
Units Sold: 134,710


Another car manufacturer based in Seoul, South Korea, Hyundai is steadily producing almost 2 million cars annually, with more than 5% of their total production shipped directly to the US. Hyundai strives to bring modern cars to traditional US families and the figures show that they were successful in doing so. With their not-so recent partnership with Kia, the company is getting good ground coverage of the US market. Their most popular models are the Sonata and Elantra.

2. Honda
Units Sold: 218,367


Honda is Japan’s fastest growing car manufacturer. From their lowly beginnings of manufacturing motorcycles, Honda ventured into automobile production. And the move proved to be a fairly good decision. Right now, Honda is giving other Japanese car manufacturers like Nissan and Toyota a really good fight over consumers. With their car models like the Accord and Civic being hailed as two of America’s most favorite car brands, they are definitely doing a lot of things right.

1. Toyota
Units Sold: 262,323


Japan is slowly taking the worldwide car market by storm. It won’t be long until Toyota will be hailed as the largest and most profitable automobile company. With over $9 billion in revenue in 2014 alone, it’s not surprising that they will take the helm before the year ends. After the many years of domination of the European car manufacturers, the timing is right for an Asian car company to finally hit the mark. In the US, the Toyota models that sell best are Camry, Corolla, and Prius.