Destiny 2 New Season Overview

The 18th season, dubbed “Season of Plunder,” and the weekly reset in Destiny 2, started not long ago. It delivered, as usual, new quests, several simultaneous activities, systems, and equipment, as well as different adjustments and enhancements, which we will discuss in more detail in this article.

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Season 8 will last until December 6, and this time its main events will unfold around the antagonist of the “Beyond Light” supplement, a fallen woman named Eramis. The familiar characters the Wanderer, Mitrax, and his daughter, Spider, will help destroy the plans of Eramis guards.

Star Chart

A standard system combines the functionality of a seasonal NPC, focusing on shadow engrams and improving your pirate “team.” The latter unlocks additional features related to seasonal activities or rewards, as in all previous seasons. Improvements are unlocked only for special items that are given out every week for seasonal tests. Of all the available options, it is worth highlighting the following:

  • The call of friendly fallen during the passage of Ketchcrash activity.
  • Improvement of summoning friendly fallen. Now they will provide various bonuses for the player himself and not just act as mobile dummies to distract attention.

Every week, a seasonal weapon with a red frame is guaranteed for the first pass of the Ketchcrash activity. Every week they also give out a random ready-made rumor card.


It is quite an interesting and simple seasonal activity in which players have to board an enemy pirate ship. Judging by the tasks, there is a weekly rotation, at least exactly changing the final boss. The main task will be to destroy the boss as a flying robot of the fallen. As a reward for completing the activity, players will receive various kinds of purple equipment, including a new seasonal one, treasure coordinates, and map fragments. After passing the usual fairly light version of the activity, you can try to pass the Master version for a “better” reward, for example, armor with increased characteristics. However, there is no player selection system, and the recommended light level is 1600.


It may seem to be a less interesting seasonal activity. A group of 3 players will have to search for treasures, collect items, and protect the cart while it moves from point A to point B. Before starting the activity for the second time, you will most likely see a warning “The group member does not have a treasure map” – this is an optional auxiliary system that allows you to get an additional reward. To create a treasure map, you first need to collect the 2 new resources mentioned above. After collecting a certain amount of resources using the captain’s atlas (given according to the season’s plot), located in the task interface, you can create a treasure map of a certain type. It affects the type of additional reward, and apparently, new options open up as the season progresses. As a reward for passing, various equipment drops out of the main chest, and seasonal equipment and energy for focusing shadow engrams fall from the additional chest.


There is a relatively simple special story seasonal activity available only once a week. Players will have to storm the lairs of pirate lords to take away from them the special relics that Eramis is hunting for. At least the first lord does not contain any additional mechanics, except for an impenetrable shield. He turns it on every missing HP division and removes it as soon as he escapes to a new place of the lair. After receiving the relic, seasonal weapons are issued as a reward for passing in the first week.

Electricity 3.0

Season 18 has completed the process of updating all major subclasses. Thus, the fire, void, and electricity subclasses were redesigned in version 3.0, taking a system of aspects and artifacts as a basis. Since not much time has passed, it is too early to judge whether the developers have managed to improve the electrical subclass 3.0.

Legendary Equipment

New weapons are available for players – a pistol, a submachine gun, a scout rifle, a shotgun, a machine gun, and a linear plasma rifle. They are made in a “fallen” style. They are given out as a reward for seasonal activities, contained in seasonal shadow engrams and a pass. New armor in the fallen style is given as a reward for seasonal activities, contained in seasonal shadow engrams and a pass.

Exotic Equipment

Players will be able to obtain the following exotic equipment:

  • The Gyrfalcon armor (a hunter’s breastplate). It has a special perk called “Feel my presence.”
  • Fallen Solar Star – a Warlock helmet. It has a special perk called “Ion conductor.”
  • Titanium gloves. They have a special perk called “Hammer of the Gods.”
  • Exquisite Grave – electric plasma rifle. Weapons are issued at one premium and 35 regular season pass ranks.
  • Mercury storm. Weapons and other awards can only be obtained from Master Rahul by pre-ordering a new Lightfall add-on.

In conclusion

Destiny 2 is becoming more and more interesting, and all innovations will appeal to both old players and beginners. Therefore, if you want to experience incredible adventures in the surroundings of the future, we advise you to play this video game.