7 Different Types of Hair Bows

Hair bows: they’re a simple yet widely popular hair accessory. Hair bows are worn by girls and women of all ages, this accessory is a symbol of femininity. Worn both casually and for special occasions, it’s always a great idea to have a hair bow on hand to add a cute touch to any outfit.

Hair bows are a classic accessory for young girls. Many parents even dress their baby girls in small hair bows for an adorable look. But, there are mature, elegant, and understated hair bow styles that grown women may wear to compliment an outfit, too. In fact, some celebrities and fashion icons have been spotted wearing hair bows to important events and awards shows.

Types of Hair Bows

Hair bows are generally clipped in with a barrette, bobby pin, or alligator clip. Or, you may simply tie a hair bow to a section of your hair. This allows for versatility in the positioning of a hair bow; you can make it highly visible at the front of your hair, or move it toward the back of your head for a more subtle look.

No matter what style of hair you have, whether it be long, short, or medium-length, you can find a hair bow to complement it. Here, we’ll show you the top hair bow styles so that you can choose the perfect option for you (or your young one!).

Butterfly Bows

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Butterfly hair bows are one of the most basic hair bow varieties for women and girls. With a cute, simple design that can be worn with many different outfits, a butterfly bow is a staple hair accessory.

Butterfly hair bows are one of the easiest hair bow types to make at home. All you need is a small square of fabric, scrap fabric, a butterfly pattern, a sewing kit, hot glue, and a hair clip. For the hair clip, you can use a small metal alligator hair clip or a simple barrette.

To make your butterfly bow, first, take your square of fabric. Flip the fabric to the reverse side (the side you don’t want to be visible) and trace the shape of your pattern with a fabric pen. Cut out the pattern, then create a pinch in its center. Secure the pinch with a few small sewing stitches. Using another small rectangular scrap of fabric, cover the stitches, making sure that the ends of the fabric (which you sew closed) at the back of the bow. Hot glue the bow to your clip let dry, and voila! You have a homemade butterfly bow.

Main Features of Butterfly Bows

●       This type of hair bow is called a “butterfly” bow because the pinch at its center makes the side sections look like the wings of a butterfly.

●       There are numerous butterfly bow patterns that you can find and download from the Internet. Or, if you’re the crafty type, you can create your own at home by drawing it on a piece of tracing paper and cutting it out.

●       Butterflies are a playful symbol of springtime, so a butterfly bow is a perfect accessory to wear in the warm weather months. Plus, with butterflies being a favorite creature among young girls, your little one will love to wear a butterfly clip to school, the playground, or on a playdate.

Ribbon Bows

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Ribbon bows are classic, elegant, and feminine. This type of accessory is worn by women and girls of all ages – you’re never too old to tie a ribbon in your hair. Ribbon bows may have a simple style, like a butterfly bow, or they may be more intricate and feature several loops.

You can purchase ribbon in all different colors and patterns. There are even varieties of metallic ribbon to give your hair bow an added shimmer.

Main Features of Ribbon Bows

  • Ribbon, especially satin ribbon and similar varieties, have a dressy look. The slight shine of the ribbon will allow this type of hair bow to pair well with formal wear. A ribbon hair bow will add a youthful touch to your next evening look.
  • You can purchase a ribbon that’s made specifically for a certain holiday or occasion; if you’re a parent, you can make Christmas-themed ribbon hair bows with the kids as a fun, crafty holiday activity.
  • Since there’s such a vast assortment of ribbon available, you can express yourself with the style of your ribbon bow – or even mix and match types of ribbon for a wholly unique accessory.

Fabric Bows

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Fabric bows are one of the easiest types of hair bows to make by yourself at home because the fabric is affordable and easy to find at any craft store. You can even make a fabric hair bow without having to do any sewing, making it an excellent activity to do with young kids.

To make a fabric hair bow that doesn’t require any sewing, you’ll need fabric, fabric tape, and a hair clip. Cut the fabric into a perfect square, then secure the fabric tape onto the reverse side. Then, fold two opposite edges of the square into the center, creating a rectangle. Then, take the other edges and fold them into the center, creating another smaller square.

The next step to create your fabric bow is to pinch the center of the square. Holding the pinch, wrap the embroidery thread around the center of the bow several times. Tie off the thread in a secure knot at the back of the bow (where the edges of the fabric are visible). To secure the hair clip to the bow, all you need to do is slide the bottom section of the clip underneath the thread.

Main Features of Fabric Bows

  • Fabric bows are often larger than ribbon bows. This is because a strip of fabric will generally be wider than a strip of ribbon.
  • With so many different patterns and types of fabric available, you can let your personality shine when you wear this type of hair bow.

Pinwheel Bows

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Pinwheel bows use several loops of fabric for a youthful, voluminous style. It’s called a pinwheel bow because the multiple loops and ends of ribbon (there are usually six) look just like a pinwheel.

Since both the loops and the ends of the ribbon are visible with pinwheel bows, (as opposed to butterfly bows, on which the fabric ends are connected and hidden at the back, it’s important to protect the ends from fraying. To do this, you may add a small amount of superglue to the edges. Or, you can use a lighter to burn the edges of the ribbon.

Main Features of Pinwheel Bows

  • A pinwheel bow will add a playful touch to any outfit.
  • Pinwheel bows are typically made from thick ribbon.
  • This type of hair bow is especially popular among toddlers and young girls.

Oversized Bows

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Most of the other hair bow types listed here are made from just an inch or two of fabric. Oversized bows are different, measuring four to six inches in length.

Oversized hair bows were all the rage in the 1980s. During this time of over-the-top fashion and heavily accessorized outfits, hair bows were a perfect fit. Oftentimes, 80s hair bows were made in bright neon colors, like lurid fuschia. Women in the 80s also often had permed hair, so the hair bow would tie into their high-volume ‘do.

Main Features of Oversized Bows

●       Oversized bows are a favorite among cheerleaders and dance team members. With their added size, oversized bows are visible from far back in the bleachers or from the audience in a theater, so they’re a fitting choice for performers.

●       Oversized bows make a bold visual statement and may even be seen in Avante Garde fashion.

●       There are several different ways to wear an oversized hair bow. If you have long hair, you can try wearing it down and using an oversized bow to draw back a front section of your hair. Or, wear your hair in a high ponytail and clip the bow just above the base of the ponytail.

Headband Bows

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Hair bows may be secured onto a headband for a fun and practical hair accessory. Headbands are generally worn over the top of the head with the ends positioned behind the wearer’s ears. Some headbands, however, are made from a stretchy, elastic material and look like a circle. This type of headband goes around the perimeter of the back of the head, with the bottom section usually concealed by the wearer’s hair.

For a casual headband bow to keep your hair out of your face, you can knot a strip of fabric around your head. Simply take a strip of fabric, loop it around your head from your bottom hairline, run it behind your ears, and tie it at the top of your head. This headband bow makes for a cute and functional hair accessory when the weather is hot.

Main Features of Headband Bows

  • The bow on a headband is often set slightly off to one side of the top of the head. This is especially true of bow headbands for young girls or infants.
  • Headbands with bows are a decorative and functional accessory because they’ll keep your hair comfortably out of your face.
  • Headband bows are often put on infants for a cute accessory that will stay secure.

Tie Hair Bows

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To accessorize any updo, from a ponytail to a low bun to a brain, you can use a length of fabric to tie a bow around your hair. Many celebrities have opted for this hair accessory on the red carpet, and it can be used to create a charming, vintage look.

To alter the style of a tie hair bow, you can try out different types of knots and bows. The classic bow, created by securing two loops together, always makes for a lovely look. Or, you can go for a regular double knot for a simpler, more understated appearance.

Main Features of Tie Hair Bows

  • Hair bows to tie around a ponytail or bun can be made from just about any material, from cotton to satin to ribbon.
  • A velvet hair bow makes for a classy, feminine look that’s reminiscent of the 50s.
  • Tie hair bows are incredibly versatile because you can tie them in any bow that you want.