Everything You Need to Know About Cut Throat Razors

Have you always wondered what it would be like to use a cut throat razor? In recent times, men are wanting to experiment when it comes to facial hair, as well as embracing the clean-shaven look. But, in order to do this, you need the right grooming tools. Indeed, this is where you are probably curious about a cut throat razor.

Well, what we can say is that this can be a fantastic investment if you want to take care of yourself. Here is a useful guide on everything you need to know about cut throat razors.

What is a Cut Throat Razor?

First of all, let’s keep it simple. What is a cut throat razor? Well, you might see this grooming tool, also referred to as a straight razor. But we can confirm that they are the same thing. Essentially, this is a grooming tool that consists of a sharp blade and a handle. You are able to use it to remove facial hair and replicate the experience of a barbershop.

Now, it is quite easy to buy a cut throat razor, and it is a transition that many men are making. You will see later on why this is. For example, you can buy a straight razor from Cut Throat Club. They offer sharp shiny razors that will give you a smooth and clean shave. This way, you can enjoy the facial hair style you want or be clean-shaven.

What are the Benefits of a Cut Throat Razor?

The question you probably want to know the answer to is, what is so special about a cut throat razor? Well, there are many benefits to using this grooming tool. Let’s take a closer look.

Care For Your Skin

Since you are running a sharp blade over your skin, you are not just removing the hair. You are also going to be removing dead skin cells. This is a good thing, and it is like exfoliation for the face. You can look younger and know that you are taking good care of your skin. What’s more, this process can prevent in-grown hair too.

Get a Closer Shave

Do you struggle to enjoy a close shave with a cartridge razor? This is often a complaint we hear from men. Well, this can all change with a straight razor. You are using a sharp blade, and you are able to move it at different angles. This allows you to get all of the hair and enjoy a closer and smooth shave. 

A Good Investment

Let’s not forget that buying cartridge razors all the time can be expensive. You always have the blades to buy, and this means monthly expenses. Indeed, since you need sharp blades, this can be costly. But that is one of the reasons why men are switching to straight razors. They are one investment and have no ongoing costs.

Enjoy Less Irritation

Do you always get razor burns and redness from shaving? This is something that can be itchy, uncomfortable, and even confidence-destroying. But, a good way to change this is to switch up the tools you are using. Namely, a cut throat razor is going to cause less irritation since it is easier to keep clean and easier to glide over the skin.

Enjoy Tradition

Perhaps you take pride in how you look, and you like to feel masculine. Well, the good thing about using a cut throat razor is that it can be a good way to embrace tradition. Men for many years have gone to barber shops and used cut throat razors in order to style their facial hair. So, this is a tradition you can continue and enjoy.

Better for the Environment

Do you hate having to throw away the cartridges in the trash all the time? Unfortunately, you often cannot recycle razors easily. So, everything ends up in the landfill. If you want to change this and do better for the environment, you can change to a cut throat razor. You are going to have this tool for many years and not have to throw away any parts of it.

How Do You Maintain Your Cut Throat Razor?

One thing that men love about investing in a cut throat razor is that they do not need to buy cartridges. But you will have to make sure you maintain your new grooming tool to achieve the best results and take care of the blade. Here is what you need to do.

Hone the Blade

The great thing about this grooming tool is that it has a sharp blade. But, over time, the blade will go blunt with use. So, in order to keep the blade sharp, you will need to learn how to hone it. You will use a gritty stone, which will sharpen the blade.


Something else you will need to learn to do is stropping. This should be done regularly and before you shave with a cut throat razor. In particular, you are going to use a leather strop, and this is going to help to get a smooth cutting edge on the blade.