How to make sure that the online casino is trustworthy

It probably hasn’t escaped your attention, but online casinos are experiencing an unprecedented boom. Whether this is due to the crown pandemic or simply because it’s time to offer an incredible variety of casino games no longer just in land-based casinos, but also in online casinos like Telegram casinos, we don’t know. The fact is that technology has made incredible progress in recent years and that’s why you can indulge in this small but beautiful and fascinating vice online as well. And all around the clock. With more games than you’ll ever find in a real casino. An impressively good terms. After all, if in a casino you have to pay to get in, online you can take advantage of free 2022 no deposit spins or various other bonuses and save money. However, the question always remains whether you are dealing with a reliable portal. Are the winnings paid out at all? Are deposits reliably credited to the player’s account or should you be wary of funds being diverted by third parties? There are some good tips you can take to see if an online casino is safe. And we’re happy to reveal them. Also, our experts have provided an informative and truthful breakdown of 21 dukes casino.

Tip 1: Pay attention to the license

Generally speaking, online casino gambling is a legal gray area in many places. Some states prohibit gambling on the Internet, others limit the whole thing to individual providers, and many others keep the door open to this fun – provided there is a valid gambling license that allows casino games for real money to be offered on the Internet in EU states. These licenses must have been issued in an EU state. And that’s not all. The operator of an online casino also vouches that the operation is regulated by a state authority. A reputable online casino will state this license boldly. You can check the validity of this yourself via the Internet. This way you will at least know whether you are dealing with a legal operator or not. If not, then stay away!

Tip 2: Pay attention to encryption

To put it simply, there are secure and insecure sites on the Internet. The secure ones are transmitted encrypted, the insecure ones are either operated directly by fraudsters or they are easily attackable by third parties. You can recognize a secure website by the fact that a closed padlock is displayed in the browser next to the address line. If this padlock is open, the website is not encrypted. In this case, if in doubt, stay away!

Tip 3: Pay attention to reputation

On the Internet, there are of course all kinds of dubious providers who, although they meet the necessary requirements on paper, nevertheless claim any loopholes for themselves in order to get their customers’ money – illegally, of course. In the case of online casinos, this would be the case if there are a lot of nasty small-print clauses hidden in the T&Cs that make winning real money almost impossible. If there’s one thing we know, it’s the fact that none of us are willing to read pages and pages of fine print. We are hurried consumers and want to know the most important things in a nutshell. We often take revenge for this by stumbling across clauses that we have simply overlooked. But then we can be sure that many others have already stumbled across them and are venting their anger on the Internet. It hails negative reviews. If you look around and get an overview, you will notice if something is not right. If there are a noticeable number of rip-off accusations, then we would advise you: Hands off!

Tip 4: Study payment options

This tip is also well-intentioned. As is well known, those who sense their chance to win really want to win as quickly as possible. The online casino is examined. The game portfolio is checked, the license is verified, the encryption is noted, and to top it all off, the bonus program is quite appealing. What could go wrong now? Exactly. The payment options can throw a spanner in the works. Not every method is in everyone’s favor. You should find the methods that are particularly important or appealing to you. They should be ones that are known for secure transaction processing. And again, the advice to pay attention to encryption. If your preferred payment options are not included, then better hands off!


There are a number of ways you can tell if an online casino is safe or not. It doesn’t just need the best games, the biggest bonuses and the flashiest name. The very most important points are:

  • A valid license
  • Encryption at the highest level
  • A good reputation
  • Payment options that suit you

If an online casino still seems so brilliant. If one of the above points is not met, you should leave it alone. Too apparently promising offers at once look namely also suspicious. Do not let yourself be blinded and misled. Then you will have a lot of fun at the online casino.