Necklaces for Women: The Most Popular Designs

A necklace is a must-have in every woman’s jewelry box. Whether it’s a gift from a loved one or a treat you buy for yourself, a necklace should respect your sense of taste and fashion in order to be an item that you’ll wear proudly every day. But there is so much variety in women’s necklaces that sometimes it’s difficult to find what particularly satisfies your desires. Materials, lengths, accessories, occasions, and style all play a big part in picking the right necklace. So here’s a quick guide to the most popular necklaces for women

Necklaces for Women with pendants

A classic design with lots of potentials is necklaces with pendants. A simple, subtle chain with a pendant is a very versatile model that can come in either a long or short version or even in a medium length. A longer pendant necklace is wonderful for a more casual, bohemian, and ethereal style, and it can be layered with shorter pieces of jewelry. A short pendant necklace is indicated for a more classic, formal, and chic look, as it emphasizes any type of neckline. The market also offers a wide variety of pendants, from more minimalistic ones to romantic or even cute ones.

Pendant necklaces for women are one of the most popular and versatile designs.

Necklaces for Women with gemstones

Gemstones really elevate any design of necklaces for women. They bring light and sophistication to any look, and they are also available in any color. An evergreen design is definitely a silver princess-length necklace with white zirconia. Perfect for special occasions as it makes a great, elegant effect. You can also play with the different shapes of the gemstone: pear shape, oval shape, round shape, marquise shape, rectangular shape, or baguette cut.

But necklaces with gemstones are also awesome for combining different colors from your favorite palette. These necklaces for women are classy and smart

Necklaces for Women with charms

An essential necklace design is one with charms. These necklaces are perfect for the day and casual outfits. They come in different lengths and types of charms, so you can really pick the one that suits you best. The short models frame your neck beautifully, while the longer ones enrich your top or blouse. There are many charms you can choose from, too: cute minimalistic symbols but also bigger charms with zirconia or pearls. You can also opt for a monochrome necklace or a combination of colors.

Necklaces for Women with chains

Chains are one of the latest trends in necklaces for women. A more urban and contemporary approach to jewelry is represented by short, silver chain necklaces. The finish also contributes to a city style, as well as the pattern of the chain. For a more romantic and mature style, you can pick a golden chain instead with wider loops that really adorn your neck in a simple yet smart way. This necklace design is easy to wear, and it matches a lot of different outfits with no effort.