9 Best Dog Breeds From Russia

Russia is famous for being the largest country in the world that covers around 11 unique time zones. Thus it has given a functional space for dog breeds to develop and too in plenty. Each breed is unique and can survive in the harsh climate conditions of Russia. All of these dogs are helpful in various works.

The Most Amazing Russian Dog Breeds

Black Russian Terrier

9 Awesome Russian Dog Breeds That Came From Russia

This one of the Russian dog breeds got developed in the 1940s in USSR. Initially, these dogs were for the military purpose of working dogs. These dogs originated by creeding the multitude of imported breeds from the occupied countries like Rottweiler and Giant Schnauzers. Till the year 1957, these breed dogs come ou Moscow’s Red Star Kernel.


9 Awesome Russian Dog Breeds That Came From Russia

Bolonka is the Russian dog of type Bichon. These dogs cover two breeds further, including Franzuskaya Bolonka and the Bolonka Zwetnaya. Ancestors for these dogs were from France that were later brought to Russia in the 18th and 19th centuries. These dogs now got bred as fashionable companions for wealthy women.


9 Awesome Russian Dog Breeds That Came From Russia

Borzoi is also known as the Russian Wolfhound, which is a sighthound breed to hunt wolves of the 9th and the 10th century. Hunting trials for both of them took place for an extended period, and this time helped to determine a proper breeding stock for Borzoi. For these dogs, hunting trials took place. It was all to discover the perfect breeding stock of Borzoi.

Caucasian Shepherd Dog

9 Awesome Russian Dog Breeds That Came From Russia

What is the biggest Russian dog? Shepherds dogs are also known as Caucasian Ovcharka. They got initially been bred in Molosser in the Caucasus mountains. Most of the dogs of this type were similar but vary differently because of their changing region, no matter even if they were crossbred. These dogs got created as livestock and property guardians. They are also famous for showing their aggressive nature.

Central Asian Shepherd Dog

9 Awesome Russian Dog Breeds That Came From Russia

These dogs got originated in the former Soviet Union and thus got bred as livestock and a property guardian. Initially, people used these dogs as fighting dogs, and they got injured seldom. Farmers and Shepherds set these dogs to compete against other dominant dogs in a group. However, that does not mean being more aggressive.


9 Awesome Russian Dog Breeds That Came From Russia

Laika is formerly known to be a hunting dog that originated in Russia. They were very famous for their hunting method of bark-pointing. It is a way to point at the prey by barking out at them. This breed got separated into other four types. They were then used up to the 19th and 20th centuries. After that, industrialization brought other hunting dogs into existence.

Russian Spaniel

9 Awesome Russian Dog Breeds That Came From Russia

Russian Spaniel breed got standardized in the year 1951. Later they got developed after crossbred with spaniels. These spaniels were first for hunting purposes in Russia. Then they got found to be for a little use. It was because of the small size that did not let them come out of the harsh Russian Terrain. Thus after some time, the breeding of these long-legged dogs became popular.

Russian Toy

9 Awesome Russian Dog Breeds That Came From Russia

Russian Toys got initially been bred in Russia till the political isolation had diminished. These dogs were also of two types- smooth and long-coated dogs. Till the 1990s, the breed was famous out of its homeland, but after the fall of the Iron curtain, this breed got extinct. The original purpose for having these dogs was to have a watchdog.

Siberian Husky

9 Awesome Russian Dog Breeds That Came From Russia

It is the most ancient dog of Russia which is still in existence. It got originated with the harsh climate of Siberia for carting dogs. This breed has generally let people live in difficult climate areas.

Siberian Samoyed

9 Awesome Russian Dog Breeds That Came From Russia

Loyal draft dogs: Samoyed is named after a West Siberian and North Russian nomad tribe.  Typical of this Russian dog breed is their white, fluffy coat, which requires increased grooming.  Another characteristic of the sled dogs is their magical “smile”.  Dog lovers all over the world appreciate the Nordic dog breed, which is also suitable as a family dog.

Karelian Bear Dog

9 Awesome Russian Dog Breeds That Came From Russia

The Karelian Bear Dog comes from Finland and, as a passionate big game hunter, is very self-confident, fearless, and combative. He needs a clear hierarchy, sufficient exercise, and a lot of meaningful activity, ideally as a hunting helper. It is not suitable for couch potatoes, dog beginners, or a life in the city.

Sulimov Dog

The Sulimov dog or in another way the Shalaika is a unique breed obtained by crossing a husky and a jackal. They were officially recognized only this year, the breed was bred for seven years. These dogs are active, they have an excellent sense of smell, so they are excellent assistants to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and excellent airport staff. Sulimove’s dogs have been systematically used by the Russian airline Aeroflot since 2002 to search building luggage or aircraft for hidden explosives. With their fine noses, they are not only superior to the sniffer dogs normally used in the west but also to technical detectors, say the security experts at Aeroflot.