How To Prevent Your Rottweiler From Pulling On The Leash

Stop Rottweiler from pulling on the leash, Rottweiler is one of the healthy and active dogs that need a large amount of exercise daily. The size of the Rottweiler is considerable, which is around 130 pounds. The weight of the Rottweiler depends on whether they are male or female.

Your Rottweiler must get regular exercise because they must remain active every time. But you feel that sometimes, when you take your dog for a walk, and you get stuck in some work, then your dog puts on their weight on you or pull on the leash.

It is the very worst behavior for your dog when you are present in some condition. It would be best if you established an excellent level of dominant behavior for your dog, not to misbehave. It would be best if you started having control over their bad behavior; instead, then they control you.

Ways to stop Rottweiler from pulling on the leash

Essential to establish control on your Rottweiler 

Tips To Stop Rottweiler From Pulling On The Leash
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It is not very easy to control your Rottweiler according to you because they have extreme behavior. But you have to develop functioning that can help your dog to respect your dominant behavior and respect your decisions. You can start controlling your Rottweiler by start eating the food before your dog, and then you should feed your dog.

You should feed your dog with food after you get completed with food, and then you should train them to eat food, not at the table. It can be the best behavior to treat them as the dominant or controlling expression of the owner to them. 

The second step can be that when you enter the room first rather than your Rottweiler because it will also help them in knowing that you are their owner and you can have dominant behavior over them. You should also train them that when you ask them to get in, then Rottweiler gets in and when you ask them to get out, then they get out.

This training will help them in knowing about controlling the behavior of their owner at any time, and it will help you to get them in control very quickly at any time. You will not face any problem while you are stuck insignificant issues because then they will not tease you after listening to your notice. 

Training Rottweiler to correct leash pulling
Tips To Stop Rottweiler From Pulling On The Leash
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 You should train your Rottweiler first by not pulling hard on the leash. It is mandatory for you not to pull them back when your dog is pulling by their rope, and you should be firm and rigid with your body. Because when you pull them back, then it means that you are creating a significant situation of a thug of war between your dog and you.

It is not great for your dog to learn the case because then they will pull you back with more strength and win the situation very quickly from you. When you do not pull them back, then they will learn that you are not happy with this behavior of your dog, and they will learn about their bad behavior very quickly. 

You should train your Rottweiler that you are the boss of their walk rather than they are boss of you. How to stop Rottweiler from pulling on the leash? You can try this technique on your Rottweiler that you should turn around into another direction when your dog is pulling you in a straight path. Because it will help your dog in learning the controlling behavior of their owner, and with time they will start listening to your orders completely.