Take time to research and win with linear actuators for your home automation

Today linear actuators which are considered the final-control units are applied for multiple purposes to obtain the required results for a short period as well as reduce human efforts. Over the last years, this mechanism has been firmly established in the area of home automation allowing the customers to experience seamless operating and effortless installation.

The benefits you can obtain when applying linear actuators for furniture improvement, additional features of windows, desks, and other commonly used home objects and devices are tangible. They are aimed at creating convenient conditions for homeowners and family members. As a result, you improve your productivity and do not spend time on daily tasks the automation system can cope with itself. So, you get additional time for other important activities and should not worry about the doors or windows you forgot to close when leaving your home.

If you want to research more related information and get more expertise in this area Progressive Automations is the right choice in this context. The company is a major specialist in automation as they deal with the manufacturing of different types of actuators including the related accessories and their distribution around the world. Furthermore, they produce their own standing desks to encourage people globally for a healthier way of work and learning.

Research the market before implementing your home automation ideas

It’s an unchallenging task to incorporate a small linear actuator for home automation if you want to add upgraded features to some appliances. The only thing is that you need to be sure the actuator you have chosen will ideally suit the installation you plan to perform. To avoid returns and exchanges, you have two ways to follow: to ask for advice from a home automation expert or research the related information yourself to be aware of different nuances you do not know about.

It is primarily a matter of well-being. Electric drive systems enable all users, be they children, adults, elderly family members, or mobility-challenged people, to adapt furniture to their physical needs and use more accessible equipment.

Let’s start with the meaning of the term a power linear actuator and what actually it implies. Generally speaking, this super device is a component that moves in a direct line and is powered by an external source of energy – electricity. This movement is mostly attained by elongation and retracting a trunk or slider that moves along the track.

The following steps will help you determine which kind of actuator is eligible for different practical purposes.

Determine the specific effort. What is the weight of the piece/element to be moved or lifted in your project? Progressive Automations offers a wide range of products, from small linear actuators to industrial models with large capacities.

Estimate the distance you need the actuator to be moved. Depending on your project you can understand an approximate distance for moving some part of the object or the whole element. This is known as the actuator stroke length, and it determines how far the linear actuator will move in one direction.

Define the speed to comply with the installation. Should your application operate quickly or slowly? The speed is estimated in distance (inches) per second. Generally, the higher the force required, the slower the drive will move. It is worth remembering that strength and speed contradict each other. Still, there are some ways to increase speed in certain types of applications.

Pay attention to the price you discover on the market. If your budget allows, you can research for a long time and select everything you want but is that item really worth the money you spent? Typically home automation projects do not require very costly models of actuators. Mini electric linear actuators are the most widespread and affordable for customers. Money should be spent wisely!

Best examples of the linear actuator application for home automation

To have your own tailored plan of home smartening up is a good idea but the estimation of other possible variants will let you invent more new implementations and add perfectly good solutions to your home. Look through the prevailing applications for domestic automation:

Motorized blinds. This example shows how you can make your home look more luxurious. The following automated blinds are usually complemented with a special operating device or an app to operate remotely when it is required. You can offer the system your own settings to let the blinds work automatically. These actions will depend on the inside light sensors to bring enough light to the rooms and close when it is preferable.

TV lifts. Ideal technical option to give your abode more space and let your kids forget about television for some time. This is the question of interior design and, on the other hand, of the issue concerning the constant desire to watch something which really consumes much time when we need to do other important work. There are several widespread options of how to position or hide your TV: popping up, dropping down, incorporating inside of the furniture, and other variants. One push of the button and you have the TV screen appear in the position you like.

Up-to-date standing desks to work more effectively. Today many people work at home, so this great technological advancement can be realized both in the office and at home. Choosing such a desk, pay attention to the tabletop, columns levels, and control panel to be sure it fits your requirements in full scope. A great number of health-oriented studies prove the benefits people can have when working regularly at the sit and stand desk. You will simply shift between these two positions from time to time in order to experience the necessary effect.

The described examples of this great device use for individual and office purposes are just a few solutions you can also apply or learn further to make your home fully automated, safe, and easily controlled. Home automation improves everyone’s daily life – home equipment becomes more functional, ergonomic, affordable, convenient.


Hayley Mann is a technology enthusiast specializing in automation methods of ergonomics devices. Her engineering background helps her to create interesting articles on technical topics, making them understandable for all readers.