When we think of the biggest casinos in the world, the giant casino temples of Las Vegas and Macau quickly come to mind. And while these two cities undoubtedly offer casino entertainment of the first order, there are plenty of fantastic options here in Europe as well. Look at these 10 biggest casinos in Europe.


Despite the sprawling lands surrounding the storied Casino do Estoril on the Portuguese Riviera, it’s only good enough for 7th on our list, but with 2,500 square meters dedicated solely to casino games, you can’t complain about a lack of space.

This casino is located just 18 kilometers southwest of Lisbon, and it was opened just after World War I. The poker room is particularly impressive. Especially impressive is the poker room at Casino Estoril, which shines with its timeless elegance.

However, Casino Estoril is famous all over the world for another reason. During the Second World War, the casino served as a safe house for spies and various members of the European royal families. Even the famous novel “Casino Royale” by Ian Fleming was inspired by this casino.

This casino has more than 100 slots and 200 table games. If you’re looking for the perfect summer vacation destination that combines culture, casino, and good weather, you should visit the casino?


In the heart of London’s tourist hotspot, Leicester Square is the Casino at The Empire. From the outside, you would never guess that you are facing the fourth largest casino in Europe. Inside the building, however, you’ll get to feel the full charge of the casino atmosphere first-hand in a matter of seconds.

The Empire dates back to the late 19th century, when Great Britain, as the number one colonial power, was the richest and most influential country in the world. London, the center of the British “Empire,” was teeming with wealthy entrepreneurs and aristocrats who have always had a weakness for gambling – a trend that continues into 21st century London!

The Empire is just a few hundred meters from the famous West End with its theatres and expensive restaurants and has the Soho party district on the other side. So, a visit to this casino is an absolute must for all travel enthusiasts who make it to London.


Casino Lisboa is located at the Park of Nations in Lisbon, Portugal. Opened in 2006, it occupied the Pavilion of the Future, one of the attractions of the 1998 World Expo. With over 15,000 square meters of gaming space, you can understand why Casino Lisboa is the casino mecca of the European gambling industry.

The casino offers over 1000 slot machines and tables with all the classic games such as roulette, blackjack, and baccarat. Tournaments are held regularly at the poker tables. There are also several restaurants, a bar and a theatre in the house.


In Monte Carlo, Monaco there are as many casinos as there are luxury yachts in the harbor – which means a whole lot! If Genting International Casino in Birmingham is the insider tip on our list, then Casino de Monte Carlo is the complete opposite.

This world-renowned casino, the largest in Monte Carlo, probably needs no introduction. The casino complex is home to dozens of tables as well as various other establishments. In this casino, you will find more than 900 slots and 80 table games.


Casinò di Campione is located on Lago di Lugano in Italy. Founded back in 1917, it now carries 650 slot machines and all the usual table games such as roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and craps. For poker lovers, tournaments are held in constant succession. The complex offers many opportunities to disperse. Concerts, shows, and gourmet-level restaurants complete the gaming experience.


So, even if the online casino industry is booming, there are still many real casinos that are visited by many tourists, and gamblers. These casinos provide a stunning atmosphere, that can’t be compared with an online gambling experience. Huge casino halls with slot machines, poker tables, and friendly dealers, so as bars and restaurants attract gamblers because of this impressive atmosphere.

So, if you value the presence of other players in addition to the pure gaming experience, if you enjoy being “pampered” by the staff in a conventional casino, and if you love hitting the keys of a real slot machine, the real casino would be a perfect solution for you.

Anyway, it must be noted that virtual casinos like now make many times the revenue of land-based casinos. So, the trend is moving more and more in the direction of online casinos. Probably one of the biggest drawbacks is that land-based casinos have an image problem. The casinos are quickly placed in the dirty corner, and this leads to the following problem: As a gambler, you feel uncomfortable entering or leaving a casino. Especially in smaller cities and towns, it is an unpleasant idea for many passionate gamblers if their neighbor would see them entering a casino.

What’s more, gambling houses on the Internet also have a completely different image. They are the exact opposite: modern leisure fun, colorful, innovative, upbeat, fast-moving like the Internet, customer-oriented, and responsible. For example, look at the virtual slot machines at Playamo – you can enjoy playing these online slots and stay at home.

Those who go to a traditional casino usually set themselves a budget, but they also have to consider that travel and overnight accommodations are added. These are all costs that can tear a hole in the wallet. Furthermore, restaurant visits and drinks are added. A day in a conventional casino can then quickly mean several hundred euros in additional costs. Money that many simply do not have and therefore prefer to pass the time virtually.

In conclusion, of course, everyone should have been in a land-based casino once in their life to have experienced the flair and the extraordinary ambiance.