The Best Flowers for the Perfect Bridal Bouquet

Bridal bouquets are one of the most important elements of a wedding, and choosing the perfect flowers for your bouquet is essential. The colors and types of flowers you choose for your bridal bouquets should reflect your personal style and the wedding’s theme. With dozens of available options, finding the perfect flowers for your bridal bouquet can be a daunting task. In this article, we will outline the top 10 wedding flowers for a bridal bouquet, the most popular types of bridal bouquets, five interesting facts about bridal bouquets, and how to choose a bridal bouquet.

Top 10 Wedding Flowers for a Bridal Bouquet

  1. Roses are the most popular choice for bridal bouquets. They come in several colors, including pink, white, red, and lavender. Roses are perfect flowers for classic and romantic weddings.
  2. Peonies are a trendy and popular choice for bridal bouquets. They are available in different colors, making them perfect for modern-themed weddings. Peonies are also perfect for rustic-themed weddings.
  3. Lilies come in several varieties, including Asiatic, calla, and oriental lilies. They are available in white, pink, red, and other colors. Lilies are perfect wedding flowers for classic and romantic weddings.
  4. Tulips are simple and elegant flowers, making them perfect flowers for contemporary and minimalist weddings. They are available in white, pink, yellow, and red.
  5. Hydrangeas are available in a range of colors and are perfect flowers for garden-style and summer outdoor weddings. They have large blooms, making them perfect for large statement bouquets.
  6. Dahlias are available in bold and vibrant colors that make them perfect wedding flowers for modern-themed weddings. They are available in trendy colors such as coral, pink, and fuchsia.
  7. Wildflowers are perfect if you are going for a bohemian-themed or rustic wedding. They have bright colors and whimsical features, which make them perfect for indie and alternative couples.
  8. Ranunculus are available in different colors, making them perfect for different styles of weddings. They have a lush and soft look, making them perfect for romantic and whimsical weddings.
  9. Baby’s breath is a classic wedding flower. They are perfect for weddings with classic styles and can also be used for rustic weddings. They are also perfect for flower girls’ bouquets and centerpieces.
  10. Anemones have dark centers and light petals, which make them perfect for chic and modern weddings. They are available in black, navy, and classic red and white.

The Most Popular Types of Bridal Bouquets

The most popular types of bridal bouquets include:

  • Round bouquets are a classic choice for weddings. They are symmetrical and normally include focal flowers, filler flowers, and greenery.
  • Cascade bouquets have an asymmetrical shape and are hand-tied. They are usually made with a wide variety of flowers.
  • Hand-tied bouquets are perfect for outdoor and country weddings. They have a relaxed style and are usually wrapped in raffia or jute.
  • Posy bouquets are small, simple bouquets that can fit in one hand. They are perfect wedding flowers for informal weddings.
  • Composite bouquets are made of hundreds of petals. They resemble one giant flower and are perfect for modern weddings that require bright and bold colors.

5 Interesting Facts About Bridal Bouquets

  1. During ancient times, bridal bouquets were made of herbs and spices believed to have healing properties or ward off evil spirits.
  2. Flowers have different meanings, so couples should have knowledge of them when choosing wedding flowers. Roses usually symbolize love, while lilies are associated with purity.
  3. The bouquet symbolizes the bride’s beauty and fruitfulness. Brides had bouquets made of wheat, which symbolized fertility.
  4. The bouquet is symbolic. It is a reflection of a bride’s feelings for her partner.
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How to Choose a Bridal Bouquet

Choosing the perfect bridal bouquet can be a challenging task. It’s essential to select flowers that match your dress, wedding theme, and personal style. Here are some tips to make the process easier:

  • Consider the Wedding Theme
    The type of wedding ceremony you are having will influence the type of flowers you select. For instance, if you are having a beach wedding, you may consider using tropical flowers such as orchids or hibiscus. If you are having a rustic outdoor wedding, wildflowers or sunflowers could be excellent options.
  • Keep the Dress in Mind
    The shape, color, and style of your wedding dress should guide your choice of a bridal bouquet. A full and fluffy dress can do well with a full and round bouquet, while a slim and straight dress can look better with a more structured and long bouquet.
  • Look at the Season
    Flowers are abundant in different seasons. Consider the available ranges of flowers each season offers while choosing your bridal bouquet.
  • Check Your Budget
    It’s essential to work within your wedding budget. Flowers can get quite expensive, especially depending on the flowers you wish to use. Be sure to inform your florist of your budget.
  • Seek Professional Advice
    Consult with your florist for guidance on the best bouquet choice for you. They will help give ideas and help in selecting the right type of bouquet based on the wedding theme or dress style. A professional florist will also help to provide insight into flower varieties and colors that complement your wedding color palette.

The right bridal bouquet will complement your wedding dress, wedding theme, and personal style. By keeping these tips in mind and consulting with your florist, you can be sure to choose the perfect bouquet for your special day.


The perfect wedding bouquet showcases your personal style and taste. It is essential to choose wedding flowers that complement your theme and venue. With the above-listed top 10 wedding flowers for a bridal bouquet, the most popular bridal bouquet types, interesting facts, and tips on choosing, we hope we have provided helpful tips to make the wedding planning process easier. Whether you’re looking for classic roses for a traditional wedding or wildflowers for a whimsical outdoor wedding, there is a perfect bridal bouquet out there for you. So take your time, browse through the different options available, and don’t forget FiftyFlowers for your wedding flower needs. With their vast variety of wedding flowers and delivery right to your doorstep, choosing the perfect bridal bouquet has never been easier. Happy wedding planning!