The most beloved destination for poker pros: Macau

It is known among poker players that Macau is often labeled as Las Vegas of the East. It hosts one of the biggest poker events. Moreover, during the 2000s Macau was famous of that it provided the biggest and yet easiest poker games. Therefore, it was and still is very well known among poker players regardless of being pros or rookies.

1. How to get there

Macau is perfectly reachable with direct flights departing from Mainland China, Taiwan, South Korea, and Malaysia. From Europe, you can take a flight for instance from London, the UK where the price of a roundtrip is about £ 1,000. It is definitely not the cheapest destination, however, the atmosphere of the city and the poker rooms definitely may think of it that is worth the money.

2. Accommodation

There are certainly a lot of opportunities to stay in Macau. There are a great variety of hotels for all visitors that suits best their wallet. The cheapest hotel rooms start from around $15 while the most expensive are more than $400 per night. The most well-known hotels in Macau are the Wynn Palace, Morpheus, and Ritz Carlton Macau.

All that popular casinos have a fascinating hotel to stay from which you can choose what is best for you.

3. Other activities worth trying

Thanks to the diversity of people in Macau, it has a very broad culture that lures tourists not only to play poker but to discover Macau and its beautiful places. You should stay in downtown Macau where you can enjoy the city’s Portuguese heritage.

Moreover, you should definitely visit the Macau Tower which has a height of 237 m from the top of which you can see the whole city with an amazing view. Chinese tea is world-famous therefore, it is also worth the time if you have some to go to Macao Tea Culture House where you can experience and taste numerous Chinese tea at weekends.

4. Cost of poker

The Venetian and Studio City are two of the bigger and more popular casinos where there are a mixed crowd and table prices that are quite reasonable. The buy-in cost of Venetian Macau starts at around HKD25/HKD50 while on the other hand if you would like to play poker at Wynn Macau you should really have a deep pocket since the buy-in cost there starts around HKD 500.

It is also worth noting that Galaxy Macau casino resort had a revenue of $8 billion (!) which was the most profitable casino in the world in 2019.

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