The Most Important Duties of a Bridesmaid

Experts say the average US wedding has three to five bridesmaids. That means helping the bride prepare for the big day gets divided between just a few people.

In many weddings, most work will fall on the Maid of Honor. But there are still plenty of things a bride may expect from her bridesmaids.

If you are a bridesmaid any time soon, we’ve created this brief wedding planning guide to help you prepare for your role. Read on to learn the duties of a bridesmaid before, during, and after a wedding.

Before the Wedding

The duties of a bridesmaid start by supporting the bride with wedding preparations. Throughout the engagement, bridesmaids may be called on to help with many tasks, such as:

  • Attending appointments with vendors
  • Wedding dress shopping
  • DIY crafting of design elements
  • Other planning assistance

Be prepared for the bride to call on you anytime if she suddenly needs a helping hand.

In many places, the bridal party members are also expected to buy their outfits. Thankfully, many companies offer beautiful dresses, like this dusty rose bridesmaid dress collection, for more affordable prices.

On top of this, attending – if not planning – several events is usually on the bridesmaid duties checklist. These include the engagement party, bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner, and more.

During the Wedding

A wedding day is full of tasks for bridesmaids, especially the Maid of Honor. It is common for each bridesmaid to be assigned a different job, either by the bride or the Maid of Honor.

These may include:

  • Carrying an emergency sewing kit
  • Taking care of the bride’s phone for the day
  • Helping her with her dress in the bathroom
  • Checking her hair and makeup throughout the day

Besides these tasks, be prepared to help with guests, bouquets, and other unexpected tasks throughout the day.

After the Wedding

Wedding roles and responsibilities after the big day may start immediately, such as cleaning up the wedding. This can involve physical clean-up work or organizing precious things like the guest book and bouquets.

Gifts also need to be taken care of after the wedding. Any gifts that guests bring to the venue must be safely transported away. Then you can deliver them to the newlyweds’ home later.

Emotional Duties of a Bridesmaid

Most of all, provide emotional support. Wedding planning is infamously stressful, including the big day itself. The best bridesmaids are the ones that help their brides through all the ups and downs.

More Wedding Planning Checklist Ideas

The duties of a bridesmaid are just a tiny part of the whole wedding planning process. If you’re a bridesmaid, or especially if you’re a bride, you’ll love the rest of our articles!

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