Top 10 Hardest New Year’s Resolutions To Keep

Every year, people strive to do better and become better. However, most of those who aimed to have a fresh start on New Year’s Eve fall short in the long run. Interestingly, here is a list of New Year’s resolutions that most of us find difficult, if not impossible, to keep.

10. Find a new job

finding a new job

Many of us are stuck in a rut and the best solution is probably to find a better job. The peak of the job hunting season is usually the first few months of the year. It is when a person’s hope of changing his or her life is at the highest. However, after a few fails and dead ends, they somehow give up on the search for greener pastures and settle with the life-on-the-rut ordeal until the turn of yet another year.

9. Spend lesser time on the internet, TV, or other time-wasting hobbies

time-wasting hobbies

In the quest to be more productive, many people resolve that they will cut the time they spend on social media or in front of the television. Some people even try to engage in more productive activities as well. However, surveys have it that the people who tend to keep them self away from their usual habit tend to be more obsessed with it in the long run. The key here is moderation, not eradication.

8. Save money


Who doesn’t want to have more money in the future? We all heard it from the people older than us. Save young, save now. The sooner you save, the higher return on investment you’ll get. However, some people can’t resist the temptation they pass along the aisle and end up binge shopping. For the others, unforeseen expenses tend to arise, which keep them from saving as planned.

7. Manage Stress


With all the whirls and twirls around us, it is almost impossible to manage stress. A hectic schedule, a nagging boss, a gruesome deadline – these are just some of the things that contribute to one’s everyday stress load. There’s a lot of ways to keep stress from piling up. You can seek professional help, you can live in a new environment, or even manage your schedule better. But the real question is, you can keep up with it? Or will stress eventually catch up on you?

6. Learn something new


In the bid for self-improvement, wouldn’t it be nice to learn something new? A new skill perhaps? Or maybe a new language? Some people even go out of their way to join a course or two. But whatever it is, learning something new does take some time. A few people fail to realize this at the beginning, so they end up not finishing whatever they have started. So before you get yourself engaged in something like this, be sure that you have the time, money, and commitment for it.

5. Get out of debt


Every year, we resolve to get out of debt. But also in the same year, we get in a debt bigger than life. It’s a vicious cycle and it’s not gonna stop unless we do something bold; like cut your plastic cards in half, for starters. It’s impossible to talk yourself out of debt with all those credit cards in your wallet. So before you do anything, you have to choose one over the other. And stick to your decision to the bitter end.

4. Spend more time with family, friends, or other forgotten close relations

family time

Restoring or improving relationships with other people is yet another favorite New Year’s resolution. However, it is also one of the most broken resolutions, too. While you might want to reach out to a lost family member or friend, you can’t say the same for the other party. Furthermore, there are other factors to consider like time and distance. For some people, these are major hurdles indeed. So the effort associated with regaining lost bonds and friendships eventually flows dry.

3. Enjoy life more

enjoying life

What’s keeping us from enjoying life more? A lot of things, actually – finances, logistics, schedule, etc. But then again, we all only live once. And if you ask the elderly, they’ll tell you that life is too short for us not to enjoy it more. The key to keeping good on this New Year’s resolution is to balance. Once you discover the perfect balance between work and life, stopping by to smell the flowers becomes so much easier to do.

2. Quit drinking, smoking, and other unhealthy habits


If there’s one thing that can keep us from our goals, it’s our bad habits. And it is important that we take them out of our system at all costs. However, this is never an easy feat. That’s the reason why people end up making the same New Year’s resolution ever outing. Just a piece of advice: If you think you can’t break a bad habit on your own, don’t be afraid to seek professional help.

1. Start a diet, exercise more, and stay fit


As we grow older, our metabolism tends to slow down. That’s the reason why this New Year’s resolution is going to be more difficult to achieve the next time around. So if you, like many others, has added this item to your New Year’s resolutions list, be sure that you do everything to stick to it. Keep in mind that it is going to be much harder the next year. So if you really want to trim down, tone up, and look good, start now. Next year is going to be a whole lot tougher.

Creating a list of New Year’s resolution is only as good as they are accomplished. Stop procrastinating and start doing. The more items you tick off your list, the better person you become. Eventually, you’ll cross off all the items on your bucket list, too! Now you can watch your life wonderfully transforming right in front of you.

Happy New Year everyone!