Top Ten Countries with the Longest Life Expectancy

Do you want to live longer? Science researchers will say that you should live a healthy and active lifestyle. But travelers will tell you more. They will also encourage you to visit these countries and you’ll definitely live a few years – or even a decade – more than the norm. Below is a list of countries where the people enjoy long life expectancy.

10. France

Life expectancy: 82.4 years


Romance must have played a very important role in nurturing life among the French. People tend to live up to 82 years old out here, with the women outliving men by almost 6 years. The other reason for the people’s long expectancy is its government-financed health care system. The country’s healthcare program is deemed one of the best in the world.

9. Sweden

Life expectancy: 82.4 years


Sweden and France are actually tied on the ninth place. Out here, women tend to go beyond 84 while men beyond 80 years old. Other than the wonderful disposition of the Swedish people, one of the possible reasons why people live longer is their very safe drinking water. The country’s healthcare program is also superb, with the patients always treated by a specialist. Aside from a high life expectancy rate, Sweden also boasts of low infant mortality rate.

8. Israel

Life expectancy: 82.5 years


The tangy yet healthy Middle Eastern cuisines could be one of the reasons why the people here live longer than most. Combine that with the people’s rather active lifestyle and you have the perfect recipe for a lengthy and fruitful life. The average life span of the women of Israel is 84.3 years old, while the men tend to live at an average of 80.6 years old.

7. Italy

Life expectancy: 82.7 years


Italy’s saucy pasta and the pizzas must have done the trick. But before you drown a big bowl of ravioli, do note that in Italy, the healthcare system is a collaboration of public and private entities. This makes theirs one of the most comprehensive programs in the world. They’re second to France, actually. Additionally, smoking is a highly controlled habit here. But more important than that, the people here put a high regard to staying fit. Italy’s adult obesity rate is below 10%. Could it be that Italy’s fashion-oriented society a contributing factor, too?

6. Iceland

Life expectancy: 82.7


Iceland isn’t just one of the countries where people enjoy a long life expectancy; the people here are also deemed as one of the nicest and friendliest in the world. This only shows that your outlook in life definitely affects the way you live. Furthermore, the health practitioner-to-patient ratio in this part of the world is quite high. There’s an average of 3.7 doctors and 15.3 nurses per 1,000 people. Such average is one of the highest in the world.

5. Spain

Life expectancy: 82.8


The long life expectancy could be caused by the sparkling Spanish wines, we don’t know.  But what we do know is that Spain’s health systems are regionally managed. That can only mean that the people’s health care needs are given the closest and most personal attention.  It also means that all the funds that the government allocated for health care are directly provided to the people. And yes, Spanish people are quite fond of healthy oils, fish, and veggies, too!

4. Australia

Life expectancy: 82.8


If you want to stay fit, go Australian surfing. And if you want to live longer, don’t leave the country. It is quite surprising to note that the women here live at an average life span of 84.8 years while men live at more or less 80.9 years old. While it is true that Australians tend to succumb to skin cancer than any other race in the world, the country’s healthcare program is well in its place to provide for whatever a person needs to remain healthy. The state manages hospitals and outpatient clinics while subsidizing the cost of medicines. Staying in the pink of health is quite easy in Land Down Under.

3. Singapore

Life expectancy: 83.1


The people of the Lion City indeed have the strength of the lion indeed. With an average life span of 86.1 years old for females and 80 years old for males, this flourishing Southeast Asian country definitely knows how to keep its people happy and healthy. More than the tangy noodles that the Singaporeans eat, it must have been the people’s access to improved sanitation and water facilities. Obesity has never been an issue in Singapore. At the same time, they never have to worry much about HIV or AIDS. The high level of discipline that Singaporeans practice is very admirable.

2. Switzerland

Life expectancy: 83.4


Everybody loves Swiss chocolates. And if it was proven that they are what makes the Swiss live a whole lot longer than most of us, then people will love these sweet treats all the more. In Switzerland, the women live an average lifespan of 85.3 years. The men, on the other hand, reach the age of 81.3 years, more or less – and that’s the highest life expectancy rate for men from any country. So if you’re a man who wants to live long, consider Switzerland to be the place where you’ll retire. Out here, buying a health insurance from a private institution is mandatory. In the same way, health insurance providers are not allowed to refuse anybody. Such setup is a win-win situation for everybody.

1. Japan

Life expectancy: 83.7


If Switzerland is the land of men, Japan is where women tend to live the longest. Out here, women live an average of 86.8 years. The men is a bit far behind at 80.5 years.  It is rather safe to say that sushi is quite healthy, then. But further research shows that both the local and national governments tend to support the local health system of the country. The government sponsors the health insurance programs of the unemployed and the elderly. Generally, everyone is free to choose which physicians they want to consult with.