8 Different Types Of German Shepherd Coat Color Patterns

Different types of German Shepherd colors patterns. German Shepherd possesses a stereotypical tan with the black “mask” and black “saddle.” The thickness, patterns, and colors of the coat of a German Shepherd vary significantly. Talking about purebred German Shepherds, these dogs would range from entirely white to black with a combination of black and tan. Well, German Shepherds have different physical appearances that would guide you through common GSD patterns and coat types.

Different types Of German Shepherd Colors
  • Black And Tan
  • Black And Red
  • Bicolor German Shepherds
  • Liver And Tan
  • Sable Or Grey
  • Black Or White

Black and Tan

types of german shepherd colors

You will commonly find this shade combination of dogs. Famous German Shepherds and the show-ring GSDs have this type of collaboration. These shade dogs come with cream or tan legs with neck and underbellies be black. Also, many such dogs have black masks on their faces.

Canadian and American show lines prefer this coloration. Some dogs might also possess silver shade on the stomach, while some breeders find it to be acceptable.

Black and Red

types of german shepherd colors

Dogs who are in the German show line usually possess this coloration. The pattern of these dogs is the same as that of tan and black dogs. The tan part, however, here is red or in the strawberry blonde shade. In many instances, instead of black and red tint, these dogs might have black and silver. Silver shade is in the form of a light cream color.

Bicolor German Shepherds

types of german shepherd colors
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In actual these dogs have only one solid color despite named bicolor. The legs, backs, heads, and the tails are entirely black. These dogs have brown feet. Some of these dogs even have black feet instead of brown. Thus they are sometimes aptly called “Tarheel.” These dogs might also have brown shade touchback of ears or on the face. But this brown color is not very prominent.

Blue or Liver Tan

types of german shepherd colors
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You will rarely find these dogs on the show. It is because the color of these dogs is of diluted genes. Many people think them to be purebred dogs, but lack of black shade tells that they got cross-bred with canines that do not have proper tone. These dogs have liver tan shade to be described as a slight dilution with the black.

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Sable or Gray

types of german shepherd colors

You will commonly find these German Shepherd in the working lines and not in the show lines because they do not possess an acceptable color pattern for a show. They usually have banded fur that means individual hair is of multi-colored. The natural shades of these dogs include brown, silver, black, and red. The hair of these dogs is a mark of black hair.

White or Black German Shepherds

types of german shepherd colors

Well, it could be hard for you o believe that German Shepherds could have pure white or pure black coloration. You will find shade in the manifestation of recessive genes, which is very similar to the blonde hair in humans. But these white dogs are not allowed to participate in the Kennel Club shows. However, they can go with obedience and agility competitions. Black dogs are also the result of recessive genes. But they might even have a white pattern on the chest. These dogs do not develop any other shade as they grow for the rest of their lives.

Types of the coat of German Shepherds

These dogs possess a double layer with the medium length. It is the most desirable part. The kind of skin might be somewhat wiry that depends upon the dog. The shorter coat is, however, acceptable according to the breed standard. There is fluffy stuff of coat under the outer coat, which provides some volume to it.