What Are Rolling Trays, And Why Do You Need One?     

When you decide to roll a blunt, you will find so many things that you need to keep around you. From paper to wax concentrate to grinders. Having them all rolling around on a table can be cumbersome. Also, there is always a risk of rolling weed on the floor. That is some good weed lost.

The best way to organize your weed rolling and keep the weed from waste is to use a rolling tray.

A rolling tray is designed in a segmented way so that you can keep everything on it while rolling a joint. You can place the tray on your lap or a table of your choice. It will help catch the spills and will allow a streamlined workflow.

You can find different rolling trays like glass rolling trays and paper trays. You can choose based on your budget.

Why Do You Need Rolling Trays?

When you start smoking weed, the number of choices in accessories keeps growing. You may end up getting a bit overwhelmed with all the things you can buy to roll, store, grind weed. Rolling trays are also one of the most popular accessories that almost every regular smoker tends to own.

You may wonder what the exact reason behind the purchase is. Here are some of the reasons why rolling trays are helpful.

  • Will Help Saving Weed

Ask any weed enthusiast, and they might tell you that weed is expensive. It is easy to spill weed around when rolling a blunt, breaking up the weed, or simply re-rolling. When the pieces fall on your table or carpet, retrieving them without mixing dust and other particles is not easy. All this will add to the waste of weed and will end up costing you more in the long run.

But, if you end up buying a rolling tray, you can keep the weed from falling and spreading on the ground and other spaces. Every time you roll a joint, you will save weed from getting wasted, which will help save some money.

  • A Clean And Flat Surface

Perfecting the art can take some time when you are new to rolling joints and blunts. Having a flat and clean surface is pretty crucial to avoid any mistakes. Every time finding a table or any flat surface can be a hassle too.

However, if you have glass rolling trays, you can roll a joint, whether you’re in your room, on the roof, or in any place without a table. It is a small and perfectly flat surface for you to fit in the lap and start rolling your weed. Also, the sections and partitions will help carry everything you need without any problem.

  • Better Organization 

Rolling trays are sectioned into segments that will allow you to keep your rolling paper, weed, cutter, wax concentrate, grinder, glass tip, etc. You will not have to get up again and again to bring everything. Instead, you can keep everything in one place and start rolling joints without interruptions. This makes the entire process pretty organized and fast.

How to Choose a Rolling Tray?

Now it is pretty evident that rolling trays can make your joint rolling experience easy and less hassling. Let’s check out some features that you should pay attention to while buying a rolling tray:


The size of the tray is the most crucial feature to consider before buying. Are you going to roll only a few joints, or are you planning to use the tray for a party? If it’s the former, then pick a small and compact tray. But, if it is for a party, choose a larger tray that will easily hold weed, paper, grinder, etc.


Rolling trays come in various materials ranging from glass to wood to metal and plastic. Plastic ones are the cheapest options. Wood and metal trays are the most durable options but can be expensive. You can find glass trays, both sturdy and stylish in looks.


It is crucial to find a tray with hiked-up curved edges. It will help keep the weed in place and stop it from falling on the ground.


Rolling trays can vary in price. The size and material of the tray are usually the deciding factors of the cost. The most popular and cheapest trays can range from $3 to $10. Plastic, glass, and wood trays fall into this category. However, you can find expensive options too, like wood trays that can reach a range of $50.

Slots And Storage:

A rolling tray with slots and segments for paper, wax concentrate, and grinder can be quite helpful. You can keep everything organized while rolling a joint. Also, you can find trays with a lid and storage space. In the storage space, you can store weed and cover it with a lid.

Rolling trays can help save weed and will make the process of cannabis easy and hassle-free. You can find different types of trays that you can find. Choose based on the availability and budget you have kept for rolling trays.