When Editing Paragraphs in Your Essay, What Should You Do?

Essay writing is a compulsory task to get the final grade in many colleges and universities. An essay is a simple short assignment where a student presents their opinion on a stated topic. Such an assignment allows students to show their knowledge and the ability to analyze. Some students can address an essay writing site like DoMyEssay.net. This will allow them to get professional help with essays. Yet, you can do an essay yourself and then improve it while editing. Let’s look at what steps you should take when editing your essay.

1. Look at the structure

The overall structure of your paper is extremely important. Before you start looking through the paragraphs, consider the necessary sections. You need to analyze the paper and see whether all the sections are present. The parts of the essay should include all the information from the instructions. The best option is to include the introduction, body, and conclusion in your essay. The introduction paragraph presents the introduction and background to your paper. It also contains the thesis statement that you will prove and describe in the body section.

In the body of your essay, you need to state two to three arguments for the thesis statement. Then present several examples of each of your arguments. Check the paper and make sure it has both real-life examples and the ones from literature. Then, you need to have conclusions and recommendations for future research. In general, it is more important to follow the instructions from your professor. If they have special recommendations, make sure your paper contains them.

2. Word count

You should also remember to check the word count of your essay before you start checking it in detail. If there is a maximum word count that your professor states, you do not need to exceed it. If there are general recommendations for the number of words, you can exceed it by a small amount. It is important not to provide fewer or much more words than is recommended.

3. Check the grammar

Grammar is one of the most important points when checking an essay. There is usually a special section in your rubric where your points can be reduced if you have poor grammar. After you have checked the instructions, look closely at each of the paragraphs. Proofread each sentence to make sure it contains no grammatical or spelling mistakes. You should also maintain a good writing flow and make each sentence clear and readable. Your sentences should not be too long or too short.

After you have read the text, you can use a special grammar checking tool. One of the best services for checking grammar is Grammarly. The company allows you to see your grammatical mistakes and automatically correct them. It also highlights the sentences that are too difficult to read. You should divide them by two or rewrite them to make them shorter.

4. Check the originality

After the paper is ready, you need to check it for plagiarism. To do this, you should use plagiarism checking tools available on the internet. One of the best simple plag checking programs is Copyscape. It does not need any payments to check an essay. The service shows the sentences that have equivalents in other papers.

You can also see the average plagiarism percentage. A more advanced program is PlagiarismSearch.com. The program is used by many universities to check the originality of student papers. It also has the feature of downloading an originality report. If your professor needs the originality report, you can pay more and present it. If the instructions need an exact plagiarism checking tool, you need the program.

5. Format the paper

Formatting is also the point that impacts your average point. There is a wide range of formatting styles for academic essays. It is crucial to follow the one your professor states in the instructions. The most popular formatting styles include APA and MLA. You should also remember that any essay needs to have a title page and a references page. In each of the formatting styles, there are strict rules considering this. You should make sure that your essay has credible sources. You can use Google Scholar to check the sources and copy their proper formatting. The title page and paragraph formatting are also important points.

6. Ask for peer advice

Your peers may help you with editing your essay. You can ask your friend to look through the paper and explain their point. Your friends can also advise you on some points you may have missed before. Then, the paper will be completely original and of high quality.

Who Can Edit Your Paper?

If you are not sure about the essay, you can ask a professional service to edit it. Such services as DoMyEssay.net have experts who can edit your essay to make it perfect. Online writing services hire experts with degrees in different fields. They also have years of experience in their field. Each expert has deep knowledge in their field and great writing skills. They understand the rules and requirements for academic writing. The experts also know several formatting styles. That is why they will correct any mistake in your paper. For example, mistakes can occur in structure, grammar, or plagiarism. The writers will make sure that your paper looks perfect and gets the highest mark.

At the same time, editing services cost less than writing. So, you will write your essay yourself and pay only for correcting mistakes. You should have some time before the deadline for the editors to check the paper correctly. Yet, if you have an urgent deadline, you can pay more and still get your paper in time. The writers always follow your initial instructions. They can also explain to you how to write an essay on your topic better. So, you will be able to create better essays in the future.