Writing an Essay about Pets

“Humanity is not determined by how we communicate with others, but by how we behave with animals.”

These words by Chuck Palahniuk are really good advice for everyone who has a new friend. Many people have pets. Pets are not just a decorative addition to their homes. They bring joy and energy into their owners’ lives, as well as distracting them from the grayer parts of their day. It doesn’t matter how lucky you are to be a pet owner, you can write an excellent essay about your beloved friend.

Here, we got some tips from a professional essay writing company Write My Essay, on how to write interesting papers about your pet and not to bore your professor.

Tell a little about yourself and your pet

Is it a dog, a cat, or an elephant that you are interested in writing about? Dogs look just like their owners, that’s what everyone knows. It doesn’t just apply to dogs. Everyone chooses his pet based on his lifestyle and preferences. For starters, tell about yourself. How you view yourself, your personality, your hobbies, your interests, and your character. These details can help you understand why you decided to adopt a cheerful monkey, fluffy rabbit, or loving but silent fish.

How did you meet each other?

It is said that pets choose their owners. You can tell where, when, and how your pet found its way to you and your home. Each pet is unique. It is important to recall the moment it arrived in your life. What were your emotions? It’s possible to create intrigue and make readers feel exactly the same way you did. You might be able to attach a photo of your pet or a door of a shelter with a very intriguing title “Five minutes before happiness”. Or just describe your feelings. Waiting, excitement, hope. What did you felt? Please describe your time with your pet before and after your first meeting.

First steps together

Was it difficult to name the pet? It may seem easy to name the pet. Sometimes it can be more difficult to give a name to the pet than it is for the child. There are no restrictions, but every family member may have at least one or two very unique names. Tell us how you made a decision to choose. This might be quite interesting. You might choose a Homework Destroyer as the pet’s name.

Where it sleeps? Did it like the food from the table?

Tell about your everyday life

Who is the true owner? You or your parents? Who cares about the everyday life of the pet? What are its habits?

If you have birds, tell the readers how they make your day happy. It is true that pets are dependent on us. However, you might also be able to show how your daily routine has changed since your pet took over. If there are differences, write about your pet’s good and bad behaviors, its pranks, and how it interacts with other family members.

Do you recommend having a pet?

Pets teach responsibility. Pets teach us to be kind, sincere, and honest through communication. It can be difficult to communicate with pets when they become ill or are getting weaker. It is possible to write about your pet’s problems and worries. It can be hard to lose a pet, but it is also difficult to live without them. The reader should know that pets are so full of love and warmth that there is no reason to hesitate about having one.