10 Best Dogs For Your Security

Best guard dogs-Barking at unusual things is the nature of every dog. However, you would need a guard dog to protect your family and property. They are watchful and even take up the actions required. Here we bring up the top ten guard dogs.

10 Best guard dogs breed

Belgian Malinois

Belgian Malinois Best Guard Dog breeds

At a first look, you would find Belgian Malinois to get mistaken as if it is a German Shepherd. However, a malinois is a police guard dog. It is known for its best practices. They are very alert, bright, active, stubborn, and loyal.

If you want an obedient guard dog, then malinois is the best. It helps them provide consistent training from its puppyhood. This dog is an intelligent breed dog that has the power to learn tricks very quickly.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Best Guard Dogs breed Rhodesian Ridgeback

Rhodesian is a muscular, loyal, intelligent, and independent dog that has an origin as a hunting dog in Africa. They have instincts of a protective dog for family and aloof with their strangers. They bark only when something unusual happens around them. They were originally hunting dogs. However, if you train them properly, then sort most of your problems.


Best Guard Dogs breed

Puli turns to be a medium-sized dog famous for its long corded coat. They initially got bred in Hungary for herding. It is a courageous, intelligent, faithful, energetic, and loyal dog. They are excellent guard dogs as they are very protective of their family members. Their instinct is too wary of strangers.


Komondor Best Guard Dogs breed

Komondor has got bred as a livestock guard dog. It turns out to be an excellent and loyal dog that you can own. They have an independent, gentle, and calm breed. Komondors shows immense love for their family members with full devotion towards them. However, they turn to be suspicious of strangers. These dogs have a muscular body with a proper height.


Rottweiler Best Guard Dog breeds

Rottweiler is one of the best guard dog breeds. Rottweiler has always been an obedient, muscular, alert, and fearless dog throughout his breed. They are naturally protective and thus act as an excellent guard dog. But it will only obey your rules if you train them properly. Consider him as a family member; he will show up his infinite love for you.


Akita has always been challenging to raise. But if you train them appropriately, then they act as a good companion for you. They have been sound alert, dignified, loyal, and courageous dogs always. They are very respectful and affectionate with your family members. They do not bark without a proper reason.

German shepherd

German Shepherd is the best guard dog breeds. German Shepherds has always been in an excellent reputation to act as a natural guard dog. They have got initially bred in Germany to herd sheep. Apart from being loyal, they have protective instincts. They are straightforward to train. They have always been devoted dogs who always alert you when something wrong happens around them.

Giant Schnauzer

Giant Schnauzer is a powerful, intelligent, large, and bold dog. They are well known to work in a military war. They are easy to train as German Shepherds. They have a deep loyalty to their family members and show strong territorial instincts. Thus it has turned a Giant Schnauzer into the best guard dog for family members.


Doberman is a common breed for family protection. They act as a military and a guard dog. They turn to be very energetic, intelligent, obedient, loyal, and alert breed. Consider this dog as your family member rather than a dog. It helps in establishing a good bond with your family.


Bullmastiff falls under the category of being a perfect and best choice guard dog. They possess an intimidating look with strong protective instincts. They have turned out to be a great guard dog. They are obedient and loving dogs if you train them properly.

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