7 Most Beautiful Breed Of Dogs

Most beautiful dog breeds-Dogs have always been the most desired pets and best friends of human beings in the whole world. Some specific breeds of dogs are high in demand. It can be due to their looks, personality, power, intelligence, obedience, and loyalty.

You can also, check the list of guard dogs for security purposes. Breeds of dogs are distinct according to their attractiveness as a desirable quality. Here we bring a list of most beautiful dogs as conventionally attractive.

7 Most Beautiful Dog Breeds

1 Pomeranian

7 Most Beautiful Dog BreedsPomeranian is considered to be obedient and active. They are very popular because of certain qualities like a thick silky coat fur. This coat of fur makes them the most attractive dogs.

These fur coats are available in a big range of shades. These dogs about 3 kilos. They are one of the beautiful and sweetest dog breeds.

 2 Siberian Husky

7 Most Beautiful Dog BreedsSiberian Husky is a trendy pet and the most beautiful dog breeds. They have a thick furry coat with striking eyes. This coat is available in different shades.

Along with coat shades, these dogs have different eye shades too. They are loyal and intelligent dogs to learn commands very quickly. They originated from the snowy land of Siberia.

3 Golden Retriever

7 Most Beautiful Dog BreedsAccording to the name, Golden Retriever has been the cutest dog breed in the whole world. It is due to a thick coat of a golden fur that is repellent to water. Hair of this dog can be either wavy and darkens as the dog gets aged.

It is an intelligent and obedient dog with poised mannerisms. It is a trendy show dog. It weighs around 35 kilos and needs constant grooming and brushed up due to dense and abundant hair.

4 Beagle

7 Most Beautiful Dog BreedsIt is a hunting dog but an important house pet. It is a medium-sized pet with sharp eyes and long floppy ears. Most commonly, they are found in dark brown color on it’s back and light brown sides with white legs and underbelly.

They are brilliant, loyal, and kind dogs to their families. It needs specific training to be friendly with a family at first. It is not comfortable living with other animals being of hunting nature.

5 Akita Inu

7 Most Beautiful Dog BreedsAkita Inu got originated in Japan, and today, there are two types of Akita breeds. One Japanese and another American. They both have a thick coat and variations in colors.

They are large dogs that weigh around 50 kilos. They are protective of their family but need to get trained as early as possible to turn them obedient.

6 Alaskan Malamute

7 Most Beautiful Dog BreedsIt is one of the most beautiful dog breeds and one among the oldest known breed. It is a large dog which is very active. This dog has a thick fur coat, which is commonly black with a white underbelly.

It has been found in most snowy regions. Like other dogs, they need to get trained as early as possible. They are friendly pets who are very active and exercise daily if trained in a manner.

7 Bernese mountain dog

7 Most Beautiful Dog BreedsIt is a large dog that originated in Switzerland. It has been listed as the famous Swiss mountain dog. This dog has a black back with white underbelly and brown sides. It possesses a rust shade thick coat that helps him protect in adverse weather of mountains.

These dogs are best to protect livestock as they are intelligent and active. They get into commands very fast when you train them at a young age. They are loyal too. They are preferred as pets because of loving nature.