10 Largest Online Companies by Revenue

The internet world is indeed, taking the business world by storm. Currently, a huge number of purely online companies are annually amassing millions of dollars in revenue. So if you’re somebody who dreams of making it big over the internet one day, here are the 10 largest and most profitable online companies that you might want to check out and imitate.

10. Baidu

Total Revenue: $5.21B

BaiDu A Chinese online company, Baidu offers different services, including a Chinese language-based search engine. You can think of them as Google of the Chinese community, with the website functioning in the local Chinese language. And just like Google, they make searching for websites, images and audio files so much easier.

9. JD.com

Total Revenue: $5.60B

JDCom JD stands for Jingdong Mail. It is also a Chinese online company, but this time it is operating in the e-commerce or retail niche. They feature thousands of items for sale on their website, including daily fashion and household items. Although they predominantly cater to the Chinese market, they have recently launched an English web site in 2012.

8. Rakuten

Total Revenue: $5.6B

Rakuten Another e-commerce site making it big in the online world is Japanese company Rakuten Inc. They predominantly sell electronic items on their website. But unlike the others, they don’t just do it locally. Their worldwide influence has reached the Americas, Europe, Asia and Oceania. Their global venture made their company even more successful. Their ultimate goal is to empower merchants from around the world.

7. Priceline.com

Total Revenue: $8.44B

Priceline An American travel website, Priceline offers discount rates for travel-related purchases such as hotel stays and airline tickets. Although the company was founded by American Jay S. Walker and is headquartered in Connecticut, a big part of its stocks is currently owned by Cheung Kong Holdings, a Hong Kong-based company. Founder Jay Walker has left the company in 2000.

6. Alibaba

Total Revenue: $8.57B

alibaba-web-logo Alibaba is probably one of the most popular e-commerce website in Asia. Also a Chinese company, Alibaba is the melting point of consumers and businesses looking to trade with each other. While all products are supplied by business members, the company provides for the electronic payment services, shopping search engine, cloud computing, and more.

5. Facebook

Total Revenue: $12.47B

facebook Facebook is undisputedly the most popular social networking site all over the world. The company has grown into a huge success since Mark Zuckerberg has launched it on February 4, 2004. Zuckerberg, together with his partners, started off Facebook as an exclusive site for Harvard students. They became such a hit that the expansion into the worldwide market became inevitable.

4. Tencent

Total Revenue: $12.89B

Tencent Tencent is an Asian social media giant, which surprisingly, is making a little more money than Facebook. Headquartered in Guangdong, China, they provide several value added services to the regular social media experience they provide their members with. On top of regular networking with friends and colleagues, users may also obtain mass media entertainment from the site. They also cater to online advertisements, as well as mobile phone application downloads. Overall, they make social media marketing a much better experience.

3. eBay

Total Revenue: $17.90B

Ebay eBay is one of the largest and the most successful consumer-to-consumer retail company in the world. Their bidding or online auction format remains to be a favorite among consumers who want to purchase something below the product’s actual market value. Much of this company’s success has a lot to do with their localization to over 30 countries.

2. Google

Total Revenue: $66.01B

google This search engine giant is still the largest and the most profitable company around the world. Why wouldn’t they if they practically rule the online universe. Founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, this very wealthy and very popular online company is getting a good bulk of its profits from AdWords.

1. Amazon

Total Revenue: $88.99B

amazon The king of all e-commerce sites is Amazon. This Seattle-based online company is also the largest internet-based retailed in the US. Their humble beginnings as an online bookstore allowed them to venture into DVD’s, MP3 downloads, video games, and software. Eventually, they started selling electronic items, apparel, and furniture. Right now, they even carry food, toys, jewelry, and grocery items. The online success of Amazon also opened up the opportunity for them to produce their own line of consumer electronics. They exclusively manufacture and sell devices such as the Kindle, Fire TV, Fire Tablet, and the Fire Phone.