10 Largest Warships in the World

Wars are never pretty but they are a reality. As such, many countries are continuously upgrading their battleships to ensure the security of their nation. Below is a list of the 10 largest warships that sit on the world’s vast seas. Check out which superpower has the biggest, largest, and most number of battleships that are ready to defend the nation’s seafronts.

10. Clemenceau Class

Clemenceau Class Warship

Length: 870 feet

Displacement: 32,800

Operator: Originally with the French Navy then transferred to the Brazilian Navy

The Clemenceau Class aircraft carrier was designed after World War II. It has served the French Navy from 1961 to 2000. Two warships of this kind were built, but one was already scrapped. The other one is currently in service with the Brazilian Navy of Sao Paulo. The ship was commissioned in November 22, 1961.

9. Essex Class

Essex Class

Length: 872 feet

Displacement: 36,380

Operator: United States Navy

This aircraft carrier is just one of the many warships of the US Navy. Originally, the plan was to build 32 ships of this kind for use during the World War II. However, six units were cancelled so only 24 vessels were constructed. The ships were commissioned from 1941 to 1991. Of the 24, only four warships of were left and duly preserved.

8. Iowa Class

USS Iowa Warship

Length: 887 feet

Displacement: 58,000

Operator: United States Navy

The Iowa Class is composed of a fleet of fast battleships that were used as a carrier by the US Navy during the World War II. All of those warships deployed were preserved. The ships were estimated to cost around USD $100 million a piece. They were commissioned from 1943 until 1992, albeit sporadically.

7. Kiev Class

Kiev Class Warship

Length: 928 feet

Displacement: 45,400

Operator: Originally with the Russian Navy then sold to the Indian Navy

Also known as Krechyet and Project 1143, this warship is a fixed-wing aircraft carrier built by the Soviet Union in the 70s. There were four units of this ship built, although two were already scrapped. The two remaining were sold to China and India. The warship that is in possession of the Indian Navy is still in active service.

6. Queen Elizabeth Class

Queen Elizabeth Class

Length: 931 feet

Displacement: 70,000

Operator: British Royal Navy

This Royal Navy aircraft carrier is still under construction. The proposal was to build two similar warships; one will be named HMS Queen Elizabeth and the other HMS Prince of Wales. The Queen Elizabeth Class is scheduled to be commissioned in 2017 and will operate officially in 2020.

5. Admiral Kuznetsov Class

Kuznetsov Class

Length: 990 feet

Displacement: 67,000

Operator: Russian Navy and Chinese Navy

There are two units of this aircraft carrier and they were originally built for the Soviet Navy. When the Soviet Union broke up, the possession of the completed warship was transferred to the Russian Navy. The other unit remained unfinished though, and the Ukraine government decided to sell the hull to China. It was now commissioned as the Liaoning. These relatively new ships were built in 1982 and were commissioned from 1990 up to the present.

4. Midway Class

USS Midway

Length: 1,003 feet

Displacement: 64,000

Operator: United States Navy

This is yet another aircraft carrier of the US Navy. There are three warships of its type, but two were already scrapped and the remaining one was preserved. The ships were in service from 1945 up to 1992. The last time they were used was during the Operation Desert Storm in 1991.

3. Nimitz Class

Nimitz Class

Length: 1,092 feet

Displacement: 102,000

Operator: United States Navy

The Nimitz Class are nuclear-powered super carriers used by the US Navy. There are 10 carriers of this type, each has the capacity of over 100,000 tons. These ships are the largest warships built to date, although the plan was to replace them with the much newer and updated Gerald R. Ford Class aircraft carriers.

2. Gerald R. Ford Class

USS Gerald R Ford

Length: 1,106 feet

Displacement: 100,000

Operator: United States Navy

This is the newest fleet of the US Navy, waiting to be commissioned in 2016. These warships were built as an upgrade to the Nimitz Class carriers. They were designed to include the latest war technologies like the Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System, for starters. One ship is being built currently, but the plan is to construct 10 of them. The ships will be installed with two A1B nuclear reactors.

1. USS Enterprise


Length: 1,123 feet

Displacement: 93,500

Operator: United States Navy

The USS Enterprise is the longest, biggest, and toughest warship of date. However, the US Navy is in the process of decommissioning it in favor of the soon-to-be built Gerald R. Ford Class warship. Constructed from 1958 to 1961, the USS enterprise has served the US Navy quite loyally from 1962 to 2012. Its estimated cost of construction is at USD $451.3 million. This ship has seen several wars and has been the flagship warship of the US to date.