10 Countries with Shockingly High Immigration Rate

Would you still be comfortable living in your own nation if it comes to a point when there were more foreigners walking on your home land than there were natural-born citizens? Some very nationalistic nations would definitely go ballistic on the idea. But there definitely are nations around the world where natural-born citizens are classified as the sorry minority and the immigrants take the bigger share of the pie.

Here are 10 countries, colonies, and islands where the immigrants dominate the population:

10. Andorra


Immigration Percentage: 56.9%

One of the major reasons causing the spike in Andorra’s immigration population is their very favourable laws for high net worth individuals. Andorra is a small landlocked state located in South-Western Europe. Bordered by Spain and France, it is actually the sixth smallest nation in Europe. Although small, it is also a prosperous country, thanks to its thriving tourism industry. Immigrants to Andorra especially like the fact that there are no personal taxation, capital gain, wealth, and income dividend taxes or estate duties imposed in this country.

9. United States Virgin Islands


Immigration Percentage: 59.3%

Maybe the enchanting beauty of the US Virgin islands is the reason why people would like to immigrate to this beautiful place.  This island is one of the many US colonies, and its immigrants are mostly American citizens. They flew from mainland US, maybe to go on a vacation, then changed their minds and opted to stay in the island for good. As they occupy the higher percentage of the island’s population, the ancestral native Virgin Islanders and the native Virgin Islanders take the lower rung of the ladder.

8. Sint Maarten


Immigration Percentage: 59.7%

Everyone wants to live in a beautiful place. That certainly was the moving factor why the immigration figures of Sint Maarten’s is rather high. A very beautiful island in the north eastern part of the Caribbean, Sint Maarten is definitely a multinational tourist destination. Even more interestingly, it is an island shared by the French and the Dutch. So anyone who comes here can technically say they have visited both countries.

7. Falkland Islands


Immigration Percentage: 62.1%

With a foreign immigration value of more than 62%, one will definitely be curious and ask why people love living in the Falkland Islands. The answer is quite simple: because it is wonderfully easy to immigrate here. This island is officially a part of the UK, but immigrants are not given automatic British rights even if they decided to settle permanently.

6. Monaco


Immigration Percentage: 64.2%

Just which person doesn’t want to live in Monaco? This country is among the few places in the world where there is a varied mix of culture, fun, and luxury. Coming here feels like living the good life. Staying permanently is the best thing that could happen to you. It is fairly easy to become a Monegasque. You have just have to reside in the country for 10 straight years and make a letter to the Prince saying that you renounce your foreign nationality and are no longer required to perform national service abroad. It’s that simple.

5. Caribbean Netherlands

Dutch Caribbean

Immigration Percentage: 65.9%

The increased growth of the population in Caribbean Netherlands is directly associated to immigration. Almost 60% of the immigrants in the island are from the US and Canada, while the rest came from different parts of the world, more particularly South and Central America, Peru, Colombia, and the Dominican Republic. It need not be explained why these people chose to live in the Caribbean Netherlands. The opportunity to live in the Caribbean is simply too much to decline. It’s like saying no to living in paradise.

4. American Samoa


Immigration Percentage: 71.2%

Another territory of the US, American Samoa is another place that entices a lot of foreigners. Technically a part of the Oceania region, American Samoa is not much bigger than Washington DC. It is composed of seven islands, and one of them is still uninhabited. Aside from the beautiful beaches in Ofu-Olosega, the island is also home to a prestigious park, the National Park of American Samoa.

3. Qatar


Immigration Percentage: 73.8%

Qatar is one country in the Middle East where there is surprisingly an increased number of immigrants over the last decades. At almost 74%, the immigration values of this country are indeed worth looking at. When it comes to visa application, it seems like it is fairly easy for a US citizen to enter this country. However, it is actually the high demand for workers that forced the country to grant more than a million of foreign nationals to enter the country. A good percentage of these people have chosen to settle permanently in the territory.

2. UAE


Immigration Percentage: 83.7%

One of the reasons why UAE experienced a very high increase in the number of immigrants in their country is their move to make their territory an open city. With that, international trade to move freely. Foreign nationals, on the other hand, are given no restriction to their visa. To some extent, they are even allowed to act according to their own culture, tradition, and even religion. The move also made UAE a very dynamic tourist spot in the Middle East. As such, the demand for skilled and non-skilled workers grew to high numbers as well.

1. Vatican City

Vatican City

Immigration Percentage: 100%

The smallest country in the world is also the only one with absolutely no natives living within its bounds. This is because everybody in the Vatican City came from different nations, including its head of state, which is the Pope. There are less than a thousand residents in the Vatican City and only half of them are holding citizenship status. A couple of hundred of such citizens are part of the Swiss Guards. Generally speaking, there are only three types of citizens in the Vatican City. These are the cardinals, the diplomats, and the rest of the people who are serving the Holy See. All citizens are duly appointed by the Pope.

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