10 Richest Rappers of All Time

Rappers may not look anything like your regular wealthy businessman, but some of them are worth more than you can imagine. Listed here are the 10 most popular rappers that have earned over $100 million in the course of their career. You may even be amazed that some of them are worth more than some tycoons.

10. Lil Wayne

Net Worth: $135 M

Lil Wayne Lil Wayne gave rap song a different dimension with his wonderful vocals. He is one of the few rappers who sing with a great sense of melody and rhythm. No wonder why he is well-loved by may rap song lovers. Plus he consistently enjoys strong album sales. For one, his album entitled ‘The Carter III’ sold more than a million copies during the first week of its release.

9. Snoop Dogg

Net Worth: $135 M

Snoop Dogg has amassed $135 million with his rapping career alone, though he also dabbled into acting. Snoop Dogg’s attitude towards life’s many difficulties made him the accomplished artist that he is now. Now you know why he is able to enjoy the millions. 8. Ice Cube Net Worth: $140 M Ice Cube’s net worth is going up steadily over the past years. From making just a little bit more than $100 M last year, he has successfully added $40 M more to his earnings. Aside from rapping, he also landed on some acting gigs, which added a whole lot to his net worth. 7. Eminem Net Worth: $160 M In an industry that is dominated by colored individuals, white guy Eminem is indeed an act to behold. Majority of his wealth came from the release of his long playing album entitled ‘The Marshall Mathers LP 2’. Eminem’s clean style of rapping has a lot to do with the fame and fortune that he is currently enjoying. 6. Birdman Net Worth: $170 M Birdman is one of the founders of Cash Money records and that is where most of his wealth came from. His label has signed up other popular rappers, including Drake and Lil Wayne. With Lil Wayne earning so much now, Birdman surely enjoys good part of his earnings too. 5. 50 Cent Net Worth: $270 M No, 50 Cent isn’t making just pennies. Instead, he is making close to $300 M. He has closed acting gigs and video game sync deals throughout his career. He also launched SMS Audio, which is a speaker product line similar to Dr. Dre’s Beats. All of these contributed to the fortune he currently enjoys right now. While he is mostly remembered for his ‘In Da Club’ performance, he has gone a very long way since then. 4. Master P Net Worth: $350 M Master P scored his biggest success in the 90s. However, most of his fortune came from sports, as he is managing also teams. Master P has seen ups and downs in his career. But with the amount of money he has earned so far, even the many difficulties he has encountered so far didn’t stop him from getting closer to the success he always wanted. 3. Jay-Z Net Worth: $550 M Jay-Z is one of the highest paid rappers today, no doubt about that. And most of it is because of the distinctive musicality and melody of his songs. But Jay-Z didn’t stop with just singing rap songs. He also owns different businesses, including Roc Nation. He also used to own the New York Nets NBA franchise. 2. P Diddy Net Worth: $700 M Much of P Diddy’s wealth, whose name is Sean Combs in real life, came from his partnership with Diageo’s Ciroc. His fashion band has done real well, so you can expect that he enjoyed huge annual payments because of that. And when it comes to talent, his singing is simply wonderful. Those are the reasons why he is one of the richest rappers earning top dollars today. 1. Dr. Dre Net Worth: $750 M Dr. Dre surpassed P Diddy in terms of income, not because he is more talented or because has more fans. It is but mostly due to his side business, Beats. He sells audio devices and headphones and the market results are simply great.  In 2011, he decided to sell half of the shares of Beats to HTC. That move gave him a whopping $350 million to add to his bank account. It made him the richest rapper to date.