Top 10 Smart Breeds Of Dogs

Smartest dog breeds-Well, for the first time, you would be surprised when the dog starts listening to you and follow up your commands and to learn new tricks very quickly. According to the experts, the intelligence of the dogs can be measured in different ways. Smart breeds of dogs would even surprise you the most. If the dog does not make up for the top ten list but then also you are convinced of its superior intellect then do not despair because here is our research for the smartest dogs in the world.

List of the smartest dog breeds


Australian Cattle Dog

10 Smartest dog breeds

The reason why people feel attracted to have this dog is they are unique dogs bred with blue merle shepherds. These blue shepherds are imported from England and the Native Australian Dingo. These are highly energetic and hard-working dogs that are very active in in-home activities so they are one of the smartest dog breeds.

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10 Smartest dog breeds

These are the ancient roman cattle herders, guardians, and the cart puller dogs that are known for their gentleness with friends and family. They are best known for strength and bravery to defend them. The dogs are of a playful and silly nature no matter what is their size & they are the smartest dog breeds.


10 Smartest dog breeds

Papillon is very famous for its feathered ears. They are like a toy breed dogs that are very active, companionable, and athletic. This is the smartest toy dog breeds. The Papillons are frequent winners at the agility competitions. Also, they have a reputation for being high trainable even the trainer is less experienced.

Labrador Retriever

10 Smartest dog breeds

It is the most famous breed of dogs in the US. It is named after the cold water of New Found Land. It is the place where these dogs got first bred. They have a short and thick coat with webbed feet and a heavy tail which helps this dog to swim for the long distances in the cold water.

Shetland Sheepdog

10 Smartest dog breeds

This dog looks like a miniature Collie. However, these dogs have started out as the local variant of the Icelandic sheepdog that is found in the Islands of Shetland. Again these dogs got bred to the rough collies such that to have the unique breed.

Doberman Pinscher

10 Smartest dog breeds

This dog got originally bred by a German tax collector so that he had protection on his rounds. In World War II, these dogs got trained to help the sleeping troops, give warning barks, and to lead soldiers throughout the jungle. Modern Dobermans are less aggressive and are the best family dogs.

Golden Retriever

10 Smartest dog breeds

This is a gorgeous and friendly dog that still excels to retrieve the agility and obedience. They also work best to service dogs. The favorite job of this dog is to be a family dog. Americans love having this dog because such dogs are highly trainable and also they possess a loving personality.

German Shepherd

10 Smartest dog breeds

This dog got standardized by a breeder Captain Max Von Stephanitz. He did it so as to have a pet with utility and intelligence. The modern German Shepherd is very intelligent to learn commands very quickly for different tasks. These dogs are loyal, confident, and best known for showing athleticism. They are wonderful dogs for the family.


10 Smartest dog breeds

Because of its foofoo haircut, Poodle is on the list of being smart dogs. This is an intelligent dog that got bred in Germany for water retrieving and hunting. Ancient people used these dogs for herding sheep. They are remarkable hunting dogs.

Border Collie

10 Smartest dog breeds

The list of smart dogs will not end if you do not add this dog breed to it. This dog hails from the highland border of Scotland and England. They were to let think independently and at the long distances from the human shepherds to solve problems they are considered as the smartest dog breeds.