8 Charming Dogs Breed in China

Chinese dog breeds-China is very famous for dragons, pandas, and silkworms. China is also very famous for having electric dog breeds. China is the place where scientists have found out maximum variations in dog genes. If it is the talk to identify one breed of dog in China, then it is not that difficult task. However, we are here with some more kinds with their unique characteristics and temperament, which would help you to choose your best companion. Here we are with a list for you. You can also check the list of beautiful Japanese Dog Breeds.

8 Beautiful Chinese Dog Breeds

Tibetan Terrier

These dogs grow in popularity; it is all because of family-oriented temperaments. They are the tremendous rural dogs and get adapted effortlessly to any city. They can keep a perfect balance in calmness and playfulness. They love spending time with kids and become an excellent companion to them. These dogs are the superb watchdogs because of their vigilant nature. They are stubborn at some times and are not well responding to obedience training.

Lhasa Apso

8 Beautiful Chinese Dog Breeds

It is an amiable dog with a temperament to appeal to families of all types. Once you become good friends of them, they turn to be comical with you and mischievous at another side. They are affectionate and warm dogs and stand-offish with strangers. Thus they are very excellent watchdogs. They are small and courageous dogs.

Japanese Chin

8 Beautiful Chinese Dog Breeds

These Chinese dog breeds are very popular with a feline-like attitude. They turn to be stubborn and are alert always for the things happening around them. These Chin dogs are intelligent, independent, and affectionate. They are loyal too. They can quickly adapt to make them comfortable facing any situation or an environment.

Xiasi Quan

8 Beautiful Chinese Dog Breeds

These Chinese dog breeds are brilliant dogs that want nothing else than working and please owners. It is not challenging to train them and well set in a family. It is a fact that these dogs have to meet physical and mental stimulation if you don’t plan to use them in a specific field. Regarding hunting instincts, these dogs are powerful. Thus be careful to keep on a leash all the time.

Formosan Mountain Dog

8 Beautiful Chinese Dog Breeds

This dog breed is always full of energy. They are very loyal and loving dogs. These dogs are very famous for showing high intelligence and loyalty, along with capabilities to learn commands very quickly. They are excellent hunting and guard dogs. They have spent most of their history in the wild, and thus, they require plenty of socialization.

Bone Mouth Dog

8 Beautiful Chinese Dog Breeds

This dog breed is not unique. They are a separate part of Chinese Shar-Pie. Bone Mouth possesses a few wrinkles, short hair, pointed tail, and a roof tiled mouth. However, they are famous for being docile and loyal dogs. They are affectionate dogs like other Chinese dogs. They like to be with people every time. Also, they are agile and active than you think.

Kunming Wolfdog

8 Beautiful Chinese Dog Breeds

These dogs are surprisingly well-behaving dogs with their family members. They like adventurous activities to perform tasks for the owners and gladly accept obedience training. They try to have a leadership role from the first day. Hence be careful when you plan to have a Kunming dog. These dogs are a little unpredictable and need monitoring several times.

Chongqing Dog

8 Beautiful Chinese Dog Breeds

What is more than showing affinity towards the family? These dogs are the best hunters and guardians for their house. They are very fond of children and family members. But for strangers, these dogs take an aloof stance. They are not angry dogs but feel wary for their strangers.

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