Dog Breeds That Are Good For Kids

Best dogs for kids. Are you planning to have a pet dog at home? But still, you might not be sure which one is good for you or not. However, you can choose dogs suitable for your children based on three factors:


Temperament defines the personality of a dog. A dog must be agreeable that must listen to you and follow your footsteps. A calm dog will inevitably form a good bond with you. They act as good companions for the kids.

Energy Level: It also depends upon the preference of a family. It is better to give a realistic lifestyle to the dog that needs to perform a good exercise and more than it can do on average. If you can not meet the needs of a dog, then it can lead to behavioral issues of a dog.

Size: Size is significant when we look for the above two factors. Large dogs turn to be docile. Small dogs can, however, be excitable.

Also, while having a dog with you, you must ask some questions to the breeder or a shelter worker.

Here we are with a list of best dogs for kids.


best dogs for kids

It is a patient and devoted pup that shows affection towards kids. This is one of the perfect dogs for kids who like to roughhouse. However, it might not win an award for being an energetic dog. It is a friendly, docile, ad a loyal dog breed that goes well with other pets too. Bulldog remains comfortable always to live in the big houses and also in small apartments. They stay calm with the outsiders, and they are perfectly fit for a social and busy family. However, these dogs need some extra care in wheezing, snoring, and teeth cleaning. Drooling is also a part of their lifestyle.


best dogs for kids

Beagle is a small-sized dog with a calm personality and one of the safest dogs for kids. Thus they are the right choice for a family with kids. These dogs are kid lovers. However, these dogs love to move new places always and therefore explore new things. Initially, these dogs were hunting dogs, and they never feel tired of playing the games. Beagle is a friendly, smart, and happy dog that goes well with other pets as well. However, these dogs need frequent brushing and cleaning because they shed a lot.

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Bull terrier

best dogs for kids

These dogs have unfairly been known to be aggressive dogs and got bred as good companions for kids. These are well-framed dogs with a high threshold for pain. Bull Terrier always think mischief with their mind when it is about other dogs and animals. They feature a short flat coat for which you can easily care. These are best house dogs that need a yard to play.

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best dogs for kids

Collie has been classified with many other breeds, including Bearded Collie and Border Collie. These are the best dogs for kids, no matter which breed it is. These are the gentle dogs that are not misbehaving at all. These dogs are easy to train. Thus they are perfect for the families who have not kept dogs before. They are perfect companions of the children who can easily please an owner and thus protect a family.

Irish Setter

best dogs for kids

These dogs are also known as a red coat. They are energetic, playful dogs that need children to play with them. Such dogs need to live with their family members because they hate living alone. They behave perfectly when someone is around them. However, they need to perform daily exercise and are best for energetic kids to be with these dogs always.