5 Exciting Things to Do in St. Pete

Are you wondering about things to do in St Pete during your next trip?

There’s a reason Florida is the number one most visited state in the United States. Sunshine, clear beaches, warm weather, and friendly people all help. But most people don’t realize there’s so much to do in St. Petersburg, Florida.

St Pete has a lot of history and a diverse culture. Check out these must-do things while you are in St. Petersburg, Florida.

1. Exploring St Pete’s Piecing Sunshine Skyway

Exploring St Pete’s Piecing Sunshine Skyway is one of the most exciting things to do in st. Pete. Located at the southern tip of Pinellas county, the Skyway is one of the longest and most iconic concrete bridges in the world.

Bordered by Tampa to the east and Bradenton to the south, the Skyway offers incredible views of the beautiful Florida coastline. Within the city of St Petersburg, visitors can check out some of the fantastic museums, art galleries, and parks that the city has to offer.

2. Shopping Along the Yellow Brick Roads in Saint Pete

Saint Petersburg is home to amazing shopping experiences along its Yellow Brick Roads, a network of 48 unique stores, all within walking distance. These roads, located downtown, take shoppers to multiple retail stores, thrift shops, and even antique stores.

The Yellow Brick Roads in Saint Petersburg provide an unforgettable shopping experience, and whether looking for something specific or just on a whim, everyone is sure to find something to make them smile.

3. Dining and Drinks at Must-See Eateries

St Petersburg is one of the best places to find great places to eat and drink. With a variety of restaurants and bars, there is something for everyone. From the casual atmosphere at Jimmy’s Cantina to the elegant settings of the Beach Café and Oyster Bar, the choice of restaurants and bars continues to expand.

The eclectic yet authentic menu of the Red Mesquite Smokehouse creates a truly fun atmosphere for diners and drinkers alike.

4. Take a Stroll Through the Charming Streets of Historic Kenwood

As you explore the trip to St Pete, you will discover the wonderful brick-lined streets, the charm and atmosphere of the old-fashioned cottages, and the spectacular modern homes that make the area so unique. Historic Kenwood is simply a hidden gem of St. Petersburg, with something exciting and new to discover place every day.

5. Visit an Escape Room

One of the most exciting and interesting things to do in St. Pete is to visit a place for escape rooms. An escape room is a live adventure game in which participants are “locked” in a room and have to use the elements of the room to solve a series of puzzles and find a way to escape.

St. Pete has multiple escape rooms to choose from, offering different themes and varying degrees of difficulty. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced escape room expert, there is something to challenge you.

Learn The Exciting Things to Do in St Pete

St Pete is one of the most exciting cities for anyone looking for a fun and memorable experience. From the vibrant nightlife to the arts and culture scene, there are always things to do in St Pete.

So, come and explore all the exciting st. Pete attractions and activities St Pete has to offer, and don’t forget to take pictures and share your adventures! #ExcitingStPete

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