Are Rottweilers Dangerous

Are Rottweilers Dangerous? Rottweiler dog breed is considered to be fiercest dogs. These dogs are popular killer dogs as they are involved in personal attacks. The media has even introduced these dogs to be avoided ones. But do you know why people believe them to be vicious?

There could be many cases that give details about the dangers that Rottweiler can cause us. Some such examples include an eight years old Illinois attacked by Rottweiler. Many other incidents are not isolated from this case. Here we are with some facts regarding Rottweiler and events that every pet should know about this breed.

Are Rottweilers Dangerous?

History of Violence

Are Rottweilers Dangerous

Ask yourself first are Rottweilers dangerous? It is the history of Rottweiler that is the primary reason for considering the breed to be violent. The dog used guarding for the Roman soldiers and the army. Cattle were the primary source of nutrition for the military. This dog breed has to bring animals to the market. Rottweiler’s dog even has helped the butchers to pull the cart. Police officers took Rottweiler to complete the job. The dog is a guardian and the best family friend.

Rottweilers possess High Temperament

Rottweiler is a territorial, and it is the reason, and this is the reason why we consider them to be good guarding dogs. The dogs are protective companions, and this is the reason why they need proper training. If not trained correctly, then these dogs can give domineering nature. And thus, it is the right reason why Rottweiler gets involved in the attacks.

This dog breed can certainly turn to be overexcited at many times. Also, they turn to be destructive eventually when you do not exercise them for the right period. Thus you should be sure how a Rottie should be given a proper amount of exercise. It is perfect for improving the temper of the dog and also needed to keep canine in shape. Rottweiler is a muscular breed, but they gain weight very quickly when they live a sedentary lifestyle.

Rottweiler does anything to gain attention

When dealing with a Rottweiler, the owner must not forget that to whom they are dealing with. These dogs need a lot of attention. People who are generally out of their house and planning to have a pet should not go for a Rottweiler. You cannot judge the same with an outer appearance. The Rottweiler generally needs a lot of attention and are prone to separation anxiety.

It will never matter that how much you remain busy is your life; you need to be careful with your Rottie. It is a must duty. If you cannot give your dog the attention that they need, then it could be a big problem for you. Rottweiler is a very active dog, and if you neglect them, then you will have to face a misbehaved dog.

Rottie is a healthy dog

Rottweiler is a muscular dog. And it must not be surprising for you that why a Rottweiler is considered to be the most energetic dog. According to history, the dogs are guardian breeds. The strength is the positive quality for a Rottweiler. Rottweiler is a threat for the children, especially and for the people who cannot handle this breed.

The playtime for a Rottweiler can also lead to accidents, especially if someone caught off from protection. A simple nudge can even be life-threatening at many times for kids and older adults very often. Rottweiler believes that strangers are a threat to them and their families. They are not very good at making strangers as their friends.