Cool Dog Names With Meanings

We have came up with the list of cool dog names with meanings. Our companions need a fitting name. The name you keep for a dog must be best for them and according to their personality. It must be according to their unique looks and the family they have joined. Here we are with a list to help you find a perfect name for your dog. Also, this list is like a trick to assist in the naming process. Take time to read out the best out of all for your companion.

Cool Dog Names With Meanings

Male dog names with meanings

Albo: Derived from dog’s food

Aladdin: It is a story star

Al Fresco: Open Air

Ace: Single unit of poker card

Alfie: Version as if it is a counselor, guide

Alcatraz: Popular US prison

Andre: Andre the Giant

Alpaca: Animal with soft fur

Apollo: A destroyer, reference to a space mission

Apex: At the top of everything

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Baldwin: Count of the famous TV or movie actors

Balboa: AA famous character in movies

Bengal: Orange Tiger

Basil: A type of herb

Benz: Luxury car

Bentley: a farm of grass

Berber: North African Indigenous people

Beowulf: an old story known

Blizzard: snow storm causing whiteouts

Biscuit: Small bread or a cookie

Bobo: highly educated liberal

Boa: A snake that constricts

Bomber: Airplane that dispenses bombs

Bogart: A famous factor and to keep secrets

Bookie: involved in gambling

Boris: a warrior

Borat: Comedy film character

Bubbles: Air pockets inside the liquid

Brewster: a person making beverages

Buddy: a common name of a dog

Buckwheat: confused or type of grass.

Canyon: Ground cut by glaciers

Cameo: Cover that hides and walking on a role

Cappy: a short term for the captain

Caspian: From the sea

Casey: Steadfast in a war

Charlie: A free man

Champ: Champion

Chauffeur: A person who drives you from one place to another

Clapton: a famous guitarist

Chewbacca: the character of Star Wars

Dane: Play on the words

Dale: The first name of the legendary driver

Dexter: Moving towards the right

Divot: Small indentations

Doodle: Small drawing

Dynamo: Somebody with incredible power and vitality

Edward: Character from movies

Eddard: Character from Game of Thrones

Elvis: A singer

Falcon: A bird that eats rodents

Fergus: Man of presence, power

Fletch: To put on the feathers

Franks: A short version of Frankenstein

Gage: AN item that shows good intentions

Garrett: Bold, lance

Gannon: A Villain from Zelda games

Genghis: A famous leader of Mongolia

Gulliver: Glutton, a hungry person

Hooligan: A slang for the troublemaker

Hugo: intelligent, Savvy

Hunter: Seeks or finds

Igor: Russian for the Warrior of peace

Iggy: Blazing one

Indy: a place with Indians

Jabba: a lazy dog

Jagger: A famous rocker, someone who has stable of pack horses

Judge: Laws and opinions

Kevlar: Type of woven armor

Kahuna: Local medical man

Leo: Lion or yellow labs

Levi: A brand for jeans

Lux: Short version of Luxury

Loki: A god of mischief and underhandedness

Milo: Peaceful and quiet

Merc: Short form for mercenary

Monk: A religious practitioner

Muscles: Anatomy that contracts with calcium and electrical signals

Napolean: A famous French conquer

Nacho: Type of food, orange

Oscar: A movie award

Oliver: That relates to olive trees

Ozzy: Divine spearman

Odie: Wooden slope

Paddington: The famous train station and bear

Paladin: Protector of a noble cause

Picasso: A renowned painter

Pixel: A tiny part of the digital image

Quark: Physics particle

Rags: A discarded piece of cloth

Radar: Slang for detection

Ranger: An outdoor explorer

Rascal: A trouble maker

Romeo: A fictional romance character

Samson: Like the sun

Seal: A sea creature and a famous singer

Sonata: A song style

Strider: A stroll with long steps

Scooter: Shuffling movement