10 Great Dog Movies Available On Netflix

Best dog movies on Netflix. A dog is a famous creature that gets watched in a film all around the world. Many dog lovers like to watch movies related to dogs that include habits, personality, and behavior of a dog, but usually, roles get played by people.

It is super fun to watch movies related to dogs because these movies provide a broad range of information related to a dog. It is a fact that dogs can make every condition and thing better, and the same is with movies. Many dog-related videos are popular these days because people like to watch them in their free time.

There are various movies all around the world that you can easily watch on Netflix at any time with the right amount of internet data. You can watch some of the following movies related to dogs while you have an interest in dogs. 

10 Great Dog Movies On Netflix

10 Great Dog Movies On Netflix


Homeward Bound:

It is a very famous movie which includes three common animals. This movie consists of two dogs and one cat that is running through many wilder things to reach their owners safely. It is a very heartwarming story that gets loved by many people because homeward bound includes many funny scenes as well. 


It is one movie that gets watched by a complete family. It includes a story of two of the siblings that befriend one of the stray dogs whose name is Benji. It is a reboot of one of the films that got released in 1974. 

Cats and Dogs: Revenge of Kitty Galore:

It is one of the famous movies for kids because it includes many funny scenes. It helps in telling that cats, as well as dogs, separate their differences when kitty galore tried to show world domination decision. In this movie, cats and dogs unite the whole community of animals and merge them to serve their nation. 

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Benji (1974):

It is an original Benji movie that is a very famous and favorite movie for many kids. It is a story of one of a stray dog that helps in saving two children that get kidnapped by other people. 

For the love of Benji:

It is a very lovable movie that can get watched by a complete family. It is charming to watch Benji in film because, in this movie, Benji is trying to pursue spies in Athens. 

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The Stray:

It is a prevalent and famous movie that should get watched by family. It is a story of Pluto dog that comes from somewhere to save a family that is trying to get fall apart from each other.

Hotel for Dogs:

It is straightforward as well as a sweet movie in which two kids and a stray dog has included. In this movie, two kids take a stray dog into a vacant hotel. 


It is an excellent story of one of half-wolf that put his life at risk to save his home fro, ravaging. It is mainly about life lessons given by sled dogs to people to keep their homes from breaking apart. It is one of the real and famous stories of Alaskan children. 

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Supper Buddies:

It is an excellent story of five puppies that consist of some natural powers. These five puppies use these natural powers, besides saving their planet from threatening. 

Beverly Hills Chihuahua:

It is a sweet and innocent story of Chloe that finds herself lost in Beverly Hills. In the complete story, she tries to get back to her home safety while she has a vacation in Mexico with her family members. It is excellent for family members to watch this movie together.